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By Lucy Harbron - 19:50


For a girl with painfully straight thin hair I'm constantly searching for ways to create the perfect beachy waves I long for. And after seeing this magic wand-Nicky Clarke ceramic waving wand- featured in the bible (company mag) next to a picture of god (Ashley Olsen) promising the holy grail (dishevelled waves) I knew I needed my hands on it! And guess what I unwrapped on my birthday, THANKS MUM I LOVE YOU!

So it’s been over 2 months since so I thought I’d give you a review and let you know how I’ve been getting on with my mission to gain my dream hair!

So when I first used the wand my thought was “wow this is soooo quick and so easy!” (Honestly!) The wand heats up to a top temperature of 200°c so you reaaally don’t want to burn yourself on this bad boy and heat protection spray is a must! But this high temperature means that the waves for really quickly, so you don’t have to stand there holding your hair on the wand for ages, it takes like 5/10 seconds! And as the temp is so high you can do larger sections of hair at a time as the heat gets to it all, so again its super quick and easy to wave all your hair. I was surprised how quick it heats up as well, so for me this wand is perfect for busy mornings before school as its quick to heat up and only takes like 5/10 minutes to do my whole head of hair. IDEAL!

The wand is designed to stop you getting perfectly-uniformed curls and is definitely more for the beachy waves look as the wave itself is a wavy shape (so hard to describe) so the size and shape of the waves changed.

The first time I used the one I kinda hated the look, not gonna lie! I thought it was “too” wavy, but I find brushing the waves out a little after makes them settle down into lovely soft waves. And changing the amount of hair in the sections I used lets me change the look so much. I’ve been using the wand for everything! From subtle, soft waves from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, to super beachy waves, to really sleek, vintage inspired pin curl/finger waves. For one little wand I’ve managed to create so many looks.

This is the waves loosely brushed out

This is the waves when you use big sections of your hair
My big issue has always been getting waves to stay in play with my ridiculously thin hair. The bane of my existence is curling my hair and then getting to school to find the curls have dropped leaving my hair flat and lifeless. Did this wand create lasting waves…? YES IT DID! WOOO! I can wave my hair on a morning and they’ll still look exactly the same on the evening, even without hairspray! Some days the waves even survive overnight and I'm left with some fabulous second day hair. I think as the wand heats up so high, it makes the waves super long lasting. And I'm bloody happy about it!

Wanna hear the biggest shock? The wand cost £20! Seriously! That's so cheap compared to other wands, and honestly for the quality this wand is a mega bargain as other wands I've seen cost £100 and over, which is lot of money. So yaaay pretty hair and money to spare!
I give Nicky Clarke's ceramic waving wand a 9/10. As it works so well and it is super quick and easy to use, but I do wish the wand was slightly wider so the waves were a little bit bigger. But you can achieve that look still but using larger hair sections, so either way I heart you Nicky Clarke and your waving magic wand!
Defos recommend this wand, but let me know if any one has any amazing tricks or products for creating waves on straightway.
Hope you all have a lovely lovely day!

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