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I'm in my last year of school, and that means one thing...PROM (and exams but we wont talk about that!) As its half term I've been sorting out all my prom stuff so I don't have to worry about it during my final exams.

I've already got my dress and shoes and stuff, and my plan is to reveal the whole look in a get ready with me post from the night. But for now I'm focusing on planning my hair and makeup looks so I've been trawling the Internet for some inspiration and I thought I'd share my mood boards with you so if it's your prom or formal or whatever you may call it in your neck of the woods, you can have some inspo too!

Firstly makeup. I'm not really into the super fancy look, and I don't plan on tanning at all before the night so I'm going for a more minimal look as I don't want to distract from my dress and I want to look like me in photos, not some walking eyelashes. I like the "glowing from within", dewy, illuminated look. So I've been looking towards the fanning sisters for inspo as they seem to own this look. My ysl foundation is perfect for this as it gives me a really healthy look. I may go for a subtle winged eyeliner just to open up my eyes a little as well.

Lately I've been loving a mushroom colour eyeshadow (like a shimmery, brown nude), it looks really simple but the subtle shimmery makes it a little fancier. I think this with some darker brown through the crease could look really simple yet classy with some winged liner.

For lips-We're having a sit down meal and lipstick and food makes me stress out about it coming off, so a lip stain is my ideal. I like the idea of a muted more natural pinky/red, nothing too fancy.

For hair I'm torn between two ideas. Up or down. I love the vintage waves look. loose, sleek waves, parted on the side. I think it looks so chic and beautiful without looking too done up. kaya scodelario in skins fire owns this look, her hair looked so perfect, much sleeker than she wore it in generations 1 and 2. I like this look but my hair is super thin so I worry the waves would just drop really quick ruining the look. So if any of you have any ways to keep thin hair styled for a whole night, please please pleaaaasseee comment or tweet me!

My second idea is a simple up do. I love milkmaid braids as they're so simple to do but look so pretty. Rosie has worn her hair like this several times on made in Chelsea lately and she always looks amazing. But then again I love low pony tails. A simple, slightly wavey pony tail at the nape of my neck I think could look really chic. Both of these looks are really easy and I wouldn't have to worry about curls dropping or anything.

Which do you prefer?

If you have your prom this year, or if you have had in already, let me know your prom looks!

I'm trying to blog as much as I can before I go back into exams, but after the exams are all over I'm going to go onto a once a week (maybe more) blog schedule! So stick around! And if you're doing exams, good luck, keep going and you'll do great!

Hope you have a lovely lovely day

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  1. I love your blog and this has given me some great ideas for my prom :) x
    I also have a blog! my URL is

  2. Wao....Itz more than awsm. Hatts offffff for the video upload.
    The content is quite simple and lovely (best for my type of girls) .As you have asked for our preferences then look at my story. I have black wavy hairs and used to put clips in my daily routine.For makeup just a transparent gloss and thin line of eye liner. These are all Beauty tips which I can give you. And believe me I look like DIANA :) LOLZZZ

  3. Omg I absolutely love all of the looks‼️😍😍😍
    hair colour ideas


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