My Day In Photos~10/6/14...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:13

Honestly life on study leave is straaange! I feel as though I've entered 'the real world' as I'm left to cook and run errands and basically take part in the hunger games (I'm kidding). I've been pretty busy actually, fitting in revising, trying to blog more (which I'm loving!), rushing to and from school for revision sessions and exams, doing jobs for my mama and trying to hold onto a social life!

As my life has been a tad more interesting I thought I'd starting doing "my day in photos" posts every now and then! First one!

Good Morning Sleepy Head
~wakey wakey~homemade pancakes and a smoothie~10 things i hate about you (bestest film)~face mask~
Can't Stay In PJs All Day
~too much to choose~outfit planning~inspo from Chung (aka the bible)~moi (top-new look,lipstick-topshop "beguiled",skort-primark,shoes-new look)~

To Work
~to do list~quick twitter browse (I'm @lucyharbron)~math math math cry~guitar jams~

Domestic Godess
~afternoon errand running~quick trip to yarm~boy face is king of icing~cuppy cakes~
Chillllllll Out
~made in Chelsea catch up (I'm addicted!)~night time read~ 

That was my day! What've you all been up to?

Hope you have a lovely lovely day

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  1. I really like this idea of taking pictures of what you've been up to. I think once I tried to do a week or month thing where I took pictures everday, but I must of kept on forgetting to take pictures loool x

    On a Bed of Flowers

  2. I love this a lot, especially how all the colours work so aesthetically well together. mmmm..


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