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Hi my name is Lucy and I'm a YouTube addict. I just cant stop! Any second of spare time is spent searching "get ready with me" videos, watching and rewatching vlogs, and ermm angry spoken word poems (I love them ok?!)

Not only are the videos extremely entertaining, but I'm just in awe of the people. Girls who have managed to turn their passions into full time jobs- zoella, velvetgh0st, viviannadoesmakeup, lily pebbles, beautycrush, fashionrocksmysock to name a few. SO MANY women who inspire me so much and who all know how to carry themselves in a way to make businesses want to work with them while remaining so lovely and relatable.

The point I'm trying to make is that I'm really considering starting a youtube channel for many reasons-
1) I have a 10 week summer ahead of me that I really want to fill with a project as I'm going to have A LOT of spare time.
2)I love video editing and creating things (like my blog) and it just looks super fun!
3) I just feel like I want to give it a ago and see where it could take me, as watching a video is way more accessible to people that searching around for my little blog.
However I'm a very shy person. So people at school coming up to me and making comments or even just asking about my blog makes me want to hide. And I'm not sure why when I'm so ridiculously proud of my little blog, its my baby. But for some reason I feel like people judge me, when in reality the only opinions that should matter are those of the people I love and they all like it! Do any of you other bloggers get that sort of timid feeling? And with YouTube it seems to be a lot easier to stumble across a video, which in some way would be great as it would increase views, but I still have this worry that people I know would make comments? You get what I mean?
But you as my readers (my fave people) are the most important here!
Would you want me to start a youtube?
Would you watch? and if so what would you want to see?
Please please please comment or tweet me or comment on an instagram picture if you want me to as im in such a dilemma! And if you have a youtube channel or are thinking of starting one, tweet me and we can all discuss! PLEASE! You guys opinions really matter cos I love you!
Also expect lots of posts because....EXAMS ARE OVER WOOO (well minus general studies but that requires no revision so WOOO!) Anyone else finished? If you have WELL DONE! if you haven't YOU CAN DO IT!
Hope you're having a lovely lovely day

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  1. Go for it! I'll watch your videos, I'm sure they will be great! <3

  2. I would loovvee this!
    I know you'll be great at it <3

  3. You should definitely do that, I'd watch your videos! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I've just started my own blog, would you mind checking it out? x


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