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(all photos from waiste)
Sara Louise @ Waiste Blog

I've followed Sara on instagram for quite a while now but recently I've fallen head over heels for her blog and her style. I'm loving the boho floaty happy vintage vibes at the moment so I've been turning to Waiste a lot for style inspo as everything Sara wears is like a daydream. Her blog is seriously inspiring me to ditch all of my black clothes and dress like a true gypsy soul. 

Find Sara's blog at,uk

Topshop's 'Summer Of Love' Campaign

I've watched this video so many times but Topshop's new collection and the campaign to go along side it has been providing me with endless inspo. The hair is so effortless, the make-up is so fresh and beautiful, the sunshine gets me excited for summer and the clothes oh my so many heart eyes. Like i said in my OOTD post a couple weeks ago (HERE) I've been moving away from my usual dark colours and loving patterns and floaty pieces, so I'll definitely be investing in some pieces from this new collection. 

Glowy Make-up

I haven't picked up my eye-liner in so long, I'm in shock. Normally I love bold graphic liner, but lately celebrities like Florence welsh of Florence and the Machine, Suki Waterhouse, Clemence Poesy and Gabrielle Aplin have been inspiring me to swap my graphic liner and matte finish for a more subtle, glowy make-up look. I'm loving doing a shimmery bronze eye-shadows and a dewy finish lately as I think it looks so much more delicate and light for the warmer weather (also lighter make-up means less gross greasy feeling in the heat!) 

Miley Cyrus & the Happy Hippie Backyard Sessions

These backyard sessions are all I've listened to for a couple weeks now, every video is so amazing. But I've been feeling so inspired by Miley and her charity The Happy Hippie foundation which aims to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) teens and other vulnerable populations in society. I think this is such an incredible cause and it's something I'm very passionate about so I've been so inspired by Miley's work and how she uses her talent and is working with many other talented artists like Ariana Grande and Joan Jett to raise awareness. She's a goddess.

Also her make-up is so so beautiful and I've been loving her smiley face crop top, I want it!

Find the Happy Hippie site HERE to see all the Backyard Sessions and get involved. 

Patti Smith/ The Chelsea Hotel NYC

I've been massively inspired by Patti Smith and the many many stories surrounding The Chelsea Hotel every since I first read Just Kids, a book I recommend to EVERYONE. I love everything about Patti and the history of the Chelsea, but in terms of style I often turn to people that once inhabited the hotel such as Patti, Nico, Edie Sedgwick. I love Patti's boyish, slouchy style. During exams I've been referencing this a lot as I want to be comfortable but still feel good in my outfit, so her baggy t-shirt and jeans combo has been a go-to. Stories of the people of the Chelsea hotel massively inspire me to write more which is something I'm always pushing myself to do as an aspiring writer. Basically I want to go back in time to the 1970s and live in the Chelsea Hotel. 

What's been inspiring you lately?

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