4 Products I Will Always Repurchase...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:37

Everyone has those products that you couldn't live without, and constantly have to stock up on. For me, I have 4 products that I go into panic if I run out out. They are total must haves and I always repurchase them.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water
Firstly, I couldn't go a day without my Garnier Micellar water. I'd been wanting to test out a micellar water as it was so hyped up in the beauty community. But honestly it's so so so worth the hype! This stuff removes my make up so easy (including eye makeup) but isn't at all harsh on the skin, and doesn't leave my face feeling all tingly and weird like some make-up wipes do. After using this my skin feels so smoothed and refreshed, it's such a lovely product to use. Also for the bottle is massive and it lasts ages so for £4.99 this micellar water is really good value so restocking doesn't hurt my bank balance. I will never ever convert back to make-up wipes, micellar water is the one!

AND at the moment you can get this for £3.33 at boots, so I'm going to stock up while it cheaper!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder
I'm pretty sure that this is a must-have product for everyone! For me I love this powder as it is actually transparent, some other powers seem to turn me orange as I'm so ridiculously pale. But this rimmel powder is just an all-round good product. For me, this is an everyday essential to set my make-up and make sure my face is perfectly matte.

Freederm skincare
Technically this is 3 products but ever since converting to freedom skin care I haven't been able to stop repurchasing it. For me, this stuff works so so well and always clears up breakouts. All the products are really soothing and calming on the skin and always leave my face feeling lovely. I especially love the overnight clearing serum which is super hard to find but is really good and reduces redness and blemishes over night. The freedom stuff is quite pricey but I personally think its really worth it as I love love love the products.

Collection lasting perfection concealer
This concealer is another product totally worth the hype. The coverage is so good and it lasts ages. I love this product as it matches my skin tone really well, which is rare when you're as pale as me! I'm onto like my 5th tube of this as it works so well for me and I've never really been tempted to stray and try to find a new concealer as this one is cheap and good quality. Everyone and their aunt has this concealer, but if you haven't tried it out you really should!

What products could you not live without?

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