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By Lucy Harbron - 21:49

The months are going too quick! How is it April already?! However it is time again for me to share what I listened to in March, so lets get into it!

I Though I Was An Alien ~ Soko

I've been a big fan of Soko's song We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow for aaaagggeeeesss but it wasn't until this past month that I sat and fully paid her some attention and I instantly fell in love! This is such a beautiful, emotive album. Her newest album is also very very good but her debut is definitely my favourite, the lyrics are so beautiful, they kill me! If you love chilled out, singer songwriter music then you need to check out Soko!

Listen to- First Love Never Die, For Marlon, and Don't You Touch Me.

Horses ~ Patti Smith

Patti Smith is one of my biggest inspirations, I adore her book and her general attitude to life. I always find myself going back to this album as I love her mix of poetry and music, and she does it perfectly on this album. Reading her book and learning the stories behind some of the songs makes the album 100x more incredible so I'd definitely recommend reading Just Kids as it is honestly the most beautiful book I've ever read!

Listen to- Gloria, My generation (the who cover) and the entirety of land (it's 9 minutes long but totally amazing)

Also make sure to listen to her cover of Be My Baby!

This isn't music related at all but i just need to share this video as its so inspirational and helped me a lot. Seriously I respect Patti Smith so much, she's incredible. 

Grace ~ Jeff Buckley

This past month I returned to many of my all time favourite albums, including this masterpiece. What can I say, Jeff Buckley was just an amazing artist. Each song on Grace is so beautiful, It makes me a little sad that most people only know Jeff because of his iconic cover of Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah when he has so many other beautiful tracks. If you've never listened to this album then you really really must, it's a classic.

Listen to- So Real, Lilac Wine and Lover, You Should've Come Over.

Snapshot ~ The Strypes

This album has been my jam since 2013 but I just booked tickets to go see the strypes so I've had this album on repeat. Its such an upbeat album, it just makes me want to go on a road trip and dance and move to Ireland. If you've never heard of the Strypes then they are a band made up of young boys and they're super super talented! All their songs are reminiscent of good old fashion rock n roll, so you know they're good. 

Listen to- Hometown girls, Blue Collar Jane, and Perfect Storm.

Alexa Chung Playlists On 8Tracks

I'm still totally addicted to my 8tracks app and recently I stumbled across some Alexa Chung themed playlists full of Brit pop, 60s music and a totally eclectic mix of good tunes. I've been listening to them when I get ready to get me in the Alexa Chung vibe but really its just great music! Make sure to check them out on 8tracks! 

What have you been listening to in March? Let me know!

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