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By Lucy Harbron - 22:03

A couple weeks ago I received the nicest email from the lovely Rebecca telling me all about This Material Culture, the jewellery company she launched in 2014 and runs with her husband Sam, and after taking a peek at their site I was instantly sold on their brand and products.

My taste in jewellery is very simple and minimal. I've never been a fan of extravagant necklaces dripping with diamonds, Rebecca told me that she felt the same and believed that jewellery can have value even without costing a ridiculous amount, focusing more on thought, concept and especially individuality than grand jewels and a massive price tag. So I was naturally drawn to This Material Culture's simple yet super super cute pieces.

Arrow Necklace(*)- £5

When i had a look around This Material Culture's website I was instantly drawn to the Arrow necklace. I'd been looking for a simple necklace like this for ages and the arrow is a symbol that means a lot to me, so really this is my dream necklace, massive massive thank you to Rebecca and Sam for being kind enough to gift it to me, I'm in love!

I've never been more excited about receiving a parcel and I wasn't disappointed. This is honestly the most beautiful necklace ever! I love how delicate and subtle it is, but it is still detailed and adds a little extra to an outfit. I think it looks so lovely on its own, but is also super easy to layer with other necklaces for a bolder effect. That what I love about the pieces from This Material Culture, they're super versatile and easy to style, also they're so many different pendants and designs that you really can choose something personal that means a lot to you, like I did with the arrow symbol.

For £5, this necklace really is amazing value for money. The quality really surprised me as on the high-street a necklace for £5 would be a piece of junk. But the quality really is so good, it feels strong and doesn't look like the gross painted metal you get in stores like Primark. It's a really sturdy necklace but still looks so beautifully fragile and feels weightless. I'll definitely be turning to This Material Culture again for presents or even just to treat myself as there's quite a few other necklaces I'm eyeing up. For £5, you can easily treat yourself without the guilt.

Its so difficult to find jewellery that isn't super OTT or that isn't covered in jewels, but This Material Culture has really fixed that gap in the market and totally understand that accessories don't need to be expensive or extravagant to be special and look really nice! And they don't just do necklaces! They also stock beautiful bangles, earrings and accessories for men as well as women. There really is something for everyone. Love travelling? try out the Around The World collection! Obsessed with the Great Gatsby? The Gatsby bangle is for you! More of a bohemian style? treat yourself to the Bohemia collection. No doubt This Material Culture will have something for you, allowing you to really reflect your personality without breaking the bank. What more could you want?

Once again, a massive thank you to Rebecca and Sam for being so kind as to send me this gorgeous necklace, and for asking me to get involved with such a lovely business, I see great things for them in the future. I wish you all the best and you've definitely earned yourself a new loyal customer and supporter.
You can find This Material Culture on facebook HERE , or check out their store over at
But also make sure to keep up with Sam and Rebecca on Twitter and Instagram at @thismaterialculture.

I can't recommend this brand enough. If you're looking for authentic British, handmade jewellery to reflect your individuality then there really is no better place.

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