In My 18th Year, I...

By Lucy Harbron - 16:21

built countless friendships.
walked away from toxic friends.
completed college
did myself proud with revision
learnt how high my pain tolerance is

survived surgery and recovery while dealing with a sickness phobia.
made my teachers and family proud.
cut my own hair X2

achieved AAAA at A-Level and got into uni, exceeding my offer.
watched my sister graduate.
began going out, and got bored of going out.
voted for the first time.
had my first job.

released 2 issues of KILORAN, edited and organised completely solo.
launched KILORAN blog.
re-branded the magazine.
learnt to cope with my phobia alone.
walked away from things for the sake of myself.
bought myself flowers.

moved to Sheffield.
learnt to live independently.
met new people and gained confidence from it.
became a better friend.

had an article published within a month of moving.
found power in being alone.
was forgiving - of myself, and others.

started writing for The Tab, became fashion editor 4 months later.
wrote more than I ever have.
realised bad habits and changed them.
grew into myself - goals, tastes, clothes.

had a monologue I wrote used in a film.
started viewing writing as a job.
built bonds from my passions and goals.

built friendships with incredible women.
sat my first uni exams, handed in my first essays, and exceeded my grade expectations.

got my first tattoo.
learnt to start celebrating myself, and being proud of my achievements.
learnt self-care, self-motivation, self-organisation.

fell in love X2.
found comfort and happiness in a calm, settled life.
felt romance.
learnt the beauty in simple things made well.
re-branded my blog.
got on The Tab power list.
saw Sundara Karma & Peace

travelled more and saw more - Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Wakefield, York, Whitby etc.
had an article I wrote be read over 100,000 times.
became more confident in my work.
started doing more rather than just thinking about it.
read more.
found beauty in my volatility and vulnerability.
appreciated art.
learnt joy in simplicity.
faced fears.

started drawing and painting again.
learnt a lot - academically, generally and emotionally.
had work published on Affinity.
loved and was loved.

wrote a book.
printed a book.
sold a book.
received my first payment for my writing.
was interviewed rather than doing the interviewing.
was told I'm inspiring.
felt bold and busy and successful.
read my work aloud to people for the first time.
survived heartbreaks and traumas.
enjoyed my work.


And in 3 days, onto the next.

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  1. To have just discovered your blog, I feel like I know you now. What amazing things you've accomplished!


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