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By Lucy Harbron - 19:58

Apologies for my brief absence, coursework, school work etc etc. But its half term and here i am!

Choosing an outfit everyday can be so stressful as I'm the sort of person that really just rotates between my top 5 outfits, but college is forcing me to rediscover lost items in my wardrobe. Here's two outfits I've been loving lately containing rediscovered pieces...

Black top-H&M
Boots-Garage shoes
 I used to wear this pinafore loads and it cost me a bomb, but then i suddenly just forgot about it and lost the ability to know how to style it. Then one day i was looking at Stockholm and Norway street style and loved the oversized silhouettes  and this outfit was born. I paired it with a tight black top to balance out the shape and then kept the colour scheme really simple (a lot of black obviously) and some chunky heeled boots to elongate my legs and that's it!

Basically i was super comfy all day and felt super cute. I still think its a tricky piece to style but I'm definitely going to try and work this piece back into my regular wears. If you have any styling suggestions pleeeaasee let me know!

Coat-Charity shop
Boots-As above

This coat is my greatest charity shop find ever. I was desperate for a camel coat and then i stumbled across this one for £7 in a charity shop in Durham. But then i got my lovely black coat and i fell into all back everything mode and kinda neglected this coat but recently I've been loving it again. I tend to wear this only with all black outfits like this one where i layer my black jumper over a playsuit. Its so simple and classic and the shape is so beautiful. I think its just such a nice piece, so happy to be wearing this more!

If you're looking for a camel coat i think the best place to go is ASOS, they have loaads!

What items have you rediscovered? Or what are you guilty of neglecting in your wardrobe?

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  1. Okay, £7 for that coat is incredible!! It's so perfect, I can't believe what a bargain you got it for! This is why I always check charity shops because you can find the most amazing things for a fraction of the price that you would pay on the high street :) And that pinafore is so nice! I love the boots you've styled it with as well!
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

    1. Charity shops are the best! Ive found so many good things. and thank you, i love your blog! x


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