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By Lucy Harbron - 19:38

God knows I love a vintage fair, and today my home town of Middlesbrough was lucky enough to host its very own #middlesbroughdoesvintage event run by Britain Does Vintage and I was lucky enough to help out!

I arrived early for a briefing but i immediately just wanted to shop! There were so many stalls selling clothes, accessories, jewellery etc but also a tea room, a live singer and the chance to get a full vintage makeover. I could've spent all day looking around but I was quickly sent out into the town to do my job of promoting the fair along with 3 other girls.

Handing out flyers is actually stressful, having only a couple seconds to "sell" the fair to people was tricky as everyone is busy going about their day, but the reaction was great. So many people were really genuinely interested. I felt like i saw a totally different side of my hometown, a much more diverse side. Being out and about all day let me see so many people and different styles, and the interest people expressed in the fair, and the questions I was asked made me feel a sense of pride in my town. I had the best conversation with one woman about our love of the 50s and how vintage never really goes out of style.

Spending hours handing out leaflets and carry a huge sign to promote the fair was so worth it when people started saying to me that they'd been to the fair and loved it, and when i returned to the hall to get some more leaflets it was buzzing, such a good atmosphere. I managed to catch a second of the live singer, Claire Louise's set and wowza what a voice. Her singing gave the whole fair such a lovely vibe, i was sad to have to leave again to go hand out more flyers.

Find Claire Louise on facebook HERE

Who knows how many flyers we handed out! Interest was expressed towards the fair right up until closing time and I hear that it was busy from start to finish.

At the end of the day I finally got some time to have a real look around and I fell in love with so much! My favourite stall was Ginger Nut Vintage which had all my favourite things- cut off denim shorts, plaid shirts, beautiful coats and lots of cute vintage blouses. I loved the range this stall had from 50s dresses to true 90s grunge shorts and shirts. They also had some beautiful vintage handbags and broaches.

Find Ginger Nut Vintage on facebook HERE

Its a shame that I didn't have more time to spend shopping, but it truly was a privilege to be able to help out and promote such a great event. I love vintage fairs so much as they really do help promote local and independent businesses which I'm all for, and vintage really is timeless, I love the idea of taking an old piece and making it work today or taking a vintage piece and giving it a modern twist in an outfit. Also i think icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and celebrities like Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift, make sure that vintage style never dies, constantly keeping it relevant and lusted after.

I just love vintage, and apparently so does Middlesbrough!

Like the Britain Does Vintage page on facebook HERE to keep up to date and find vintage fairs in your area.

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