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By Lucy Harbron - 20:19


I'm officially over half way through my GCSE exams *cheers* and its now half term and then study leave so I should have some more time to blog! Here's a little get ready with me/day in my life type thing for ya!

I woke up so ridiculously early, and by that I mean half seven... I then sat around for a bit watching friends and eating a peach (yeah healthy!) I always wake up early as otherwise I feel as though I've wasted the day, and especially when it was such a beautiful sunny day I bounced out of bed.

I then hopped into the shower. I take agggeeessss in the shower as I get distracted by EVERYTHING! Music, dancing, messing with my hair, and I have pretty long legs so shaving them takes sooo long. I cant complain as the replays from radio 1's big weekend kept me company and I had a nice little sing a long to Bastille.

left to right-
Freederm daily face wash
sanex body wash
aussie shampoo
I'm still using the full freederm routine and honestly it works so well. My skin is a lot more undercontrol and the products are really soothing and aren't faffy at all to use so I'm happy! Also I finally got some aussie, I only use the shampoo as conditioner has been making my hair lose it lately so instead I put on a hair mask once a week. And just using shampoo speeds me up!

 To dry my hair I don't do anything fancy. I blow dry my roots for a little lift, then I just loosely dry the ends and when its just damp I put it up in a messy bun to make some waves without using heat. And this keeps my hair out of my way when I decide on an outfit and do my makeup.

Music wise I've been obsessed with this john Mayer song. Its so sweet and always cheers me up. But on regular mornings I tend to just stick on an 8tracks playlist so I don't have to worry about stopping what im doing to put a different song on. If you don't know what 8tracks is, its a site where you select an emotion, genre or situation and it gives you a list of perfect playlists, and you can make your own! You can follow me HERE to hear my playlists and see what playlists and music im listening to! My favourite tags are indie rock, calm, sleep and I loooove Wes Anderson themed playlists they're so different and colourful (can music be colourful, yes it can)

freederm daily moisturiser
body shop tea tree toner.
I do most of my skincare on the night. So I simple tone and moisturise in the morning. The moisturiser also helps my foundation blend in much better.

Yves Saint Laurent Le teint touché éclat foundation in BR10
collection lasting perfection concealer in fair
lacura concealer pen
real techniques expert face brush
rimmel stay matte power in001 transparent
avon brush
For my base I focus on getting a really illuminated look, keeping my face looking as fresh and natural as possible. I adore this foundation, it gives you the healthiest, loveliest glow. The lacura concealer pen is a great dupe of the yves saint Laurent touché éclat pen and has great coverage for under eyes while also illuminating. I recently treated myself to my first ever real techniques brush and oh my god. It gives you the most flawless finish, I'm not sure how I lived without it?!

eyebrows-Rimmel brow pencil
lavish eyeshadow from MUA undress me too palette
h&m brush
blush & highlighter from sleek faceform palette
mascara-top lashes-collection does it all waterproof
bottom lashes-Clinique high lengths
For the day I kept my makeup pretty simple, still focusing on the glowy look. I made my brows as cara-ish as possible and I set them with a clear mascara which I forgot to photograph. Lately I've been loving contouring with a blusher rather than a bronzer as in my mum's words "it makes you look like you actually have some colour" as I'm so pale I normally look dead... This blush is really beautiful, it isn't too shimmery but has a lovely pearlescent (is that a word?!) finish that really brightens up the face. For my eyes I concentrate mainly on defining my bottom lashes as I love that look. And that's my makeup done!

I did my nails the night before using the shade "nude" from my Champney's set. The colours are all amazing, but the varnish its self takes ages to dry so you need a lot of patience, and also chips really easy! I then drown myself in my signature scene-wonderstruck. I just cant get enough of this stuff!

White vest top-Primark
 I love this outfit. Its really simple but I think the pop of colour (which is rare for me) looks really cute with my white tshirt popping out from under my jumper. I've finally found jeans that fit HALLALUJAH! H&M you are now my god. These black jeans as luuuush, high waisted as well, drooool! They fit me like a glove which is so rare for me as I'm the weirdest shape, but these jeans fit perfectly and are pretty slimming which is a bonus!

And now I'm ready to face the day!

My and my boyfriend, Christopher, were just going out for breakfast so we went for a nice walk as well. It was so sunny and lovely and it actually got so warm I look my jumper off. I like to wear a black bra under the white top as it just jazzes it up a little and makes it a bit edgier.

so we had breakfast then just watched TV and played guitar. Just a lovely calm day which I really needed after all the exams!

 And that was basically my day a all I did after was revise (ew)

Let me know if you like these sort of posts! ALSO I'm thinking of starting a you tube channel in summer when I have more time, would anyone want that?

Hope you had a lovely lovely day and make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up with my adventures!

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