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By Lucy Harbron - 20:43


2013 is almost up and new years eve is almost upon us. New years eve being a time for us all to get our party on (or sit home and eat like I normally do!) Also boxing day sales are driving me crazy as I'm seeing all the good bargains and pretty things people are getting on instagram but I've been so unsuccessful!
So I thought I would put together some new year's eve party outfit suggestions mainly made up of sale items (not everything is sale but most is just a lil disclaimer) Obviously you personally know what looks good and suits you but these are just outfits I would wear if I could 1)afford them or 2)actually find things in sales which I think is totally impossible!

Do let me know in the comments or tweet me or whatever what you've been finding in sales if anything and any new years eve outfit ideas!

Shoes-Topshop sale-£15
Lipstick-Topshop in beatnik-£6
Velvet Playsuit-Topshop sale-£20

 This is probably the simplest, little bit grungy outfit and all from topshop! I love this playsuit with the mixture of velvet and lace (my two fave things) and I think it shouldn't be cluttered with jewellery or anything. The metallic flats add a lil sparkle which everyone needs on new years eve and I think they also make the outfit a bit less harsh and a little cuter! Same thing with the makeup, I would keep it really simple with dewy skin, simple eyes, plenty of highlighter, like the photo of Cara (mega babe alert!) And then a pinky/nude lip, my choice would be this one from topshop which is described as a "dirty pink" ooo.



Dress-Asos sale-£28
Lips-Topshop lip velvet-unknown
THAT DRESS. It's described as holographic which you can definitely see and the colours are so pretty. If it was cold you could so easily put a shirt under it and it would still look fab. I put this with plain black shoes, I like cut outs as they don't look as heavy but still add a toughness to the outfit, so these topshop ones are perfect! And then a deep red/burgundy lip to add a depth. I swatched the topshop lip velvets a while ago and wow, they colours are so deep, perfectly matte and the staying power was incredible, I definitely think I'll be treating myself to one.

Playsuit-Motel rocks sale-£28
Darker dress-Topshop sale-£25
Lighter dress-Asos sale-£38.50
Im in love with the silver metallic/holographic smock dress from asos, so in love I think I'm going to shed a tear. It looks so airy and light and beautiful ajdndvkjdfnkl I want it. Same with the darker topshop one, its so simple but special. And the Motel playsuit is so cute. I would pair a lighter coloured dress with a dark, messy, grungy eye look. Topshop do some great tutorials on their website to the look. BUT I'm currently watching skins online and oh my Effy. I love her. Her makeup is so perfectly imperfect I've been on the hunt for tutorials to get her look and here are the best ones I've found-

For a more everyday wearable look this one is great-

For a harsher, darker more party look this one is fab and I love this youtuber so much-
If you don't really like the smokey eye look, a dramatic eyeliner flick is just as pretty!
So that's about it, someone has asked me to do my 2013 favourites so I'll do that asap, and also i should have a new years eve ootd for you! I hope you all have an amazing new years eve and ring in 2014 with buckets of excitement for the future wooo.
Have a lovely lovely day,

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