How to get Alexa's evil eye nails...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:51


Oh em gee Lucy's blogging for once! oh em gee shes alive! Yeah yeah yeah I am, and I finally have something to post that isn't just me rambling about life!

I've been doing my nails like this so much lately because-
  1. Its so easy
  2. cant see the growth
  3. they match everything
  4. if Alexa is working it, I'm gonna work it too
  5. it looks rad
  • A base coat to protect your nails or whatever a base coat does
  • a black nail art pen
  • a blue (or green or any eye colour) nail varnish or nail art pen. (I use Barry M's blue moon)
  • a white nail art pen
  • a top coat (either matte or normal, up to you!)

1) First you need to get your black nail art pen and draw an eye shape on each nail, so basically two small curves that join up, or a squashed circle (an oval Lucy, oval.) don't work if it's messy as you can sort it out at the end!

2) Use your eye colour and do a little circle in the middle, I tend to do a couple coats of this so its bright!

3) Get your white nail art pen and fill in the gaps around the coloured dot. You can also use this step to tidy up your dot and eye shape (bonus!) Make sure the other colours are dry before you do this step because you don't want your colours to all mix together nooo!

4) Finally you need to grab your black pen again and do a dot in the middle of the colour for the pupil, and then draw little lines across the top of the eye for eyelashes (keep them straight and long for extra pow)

And that's it here's the finished product TA DAAA

Pretty, sassy and a lil creepy, the perfect combo!

I'm right in the middle of doing my mock exams (ew) but I'm going to try and get some posts up soon as I got some OOTDs to show you! But bare with me, I love u guys

Have a lovely lovely day

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  1. I feel your mock exam pain! + defo going to try this :) x

    1. such a nightmare! and yay, if you try them tweet me a picture @lucyharbron or tag me on instagram @lucyintheskywith_


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