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By Lucy Harbron - 21:09


Its officially 2014, how scary is that! I hope you all had an amazing new years eve and have all stopped writing 2013 hand having to attempt to change the 3 into a 4 (I haven't)

Just as all other bloggers/vloggers have been doing I'm going to do my 2013 favourites as I think it's a nice way to round off the year and move on. However the trouble is that I hardly remember last week let alone the beginning of 2013! So here are the favourites I can remember!

 I haven't taken this off since I got them (not literal), they go with everything, give my a little height boost which seems too totally elongate and slim my legs, and they're ridiculously comfy! Such a good investment.

 My joni jeans, ahhh the comfort. I wear these all the time and I still love them. However as the years gone on they have stretched a lot and loosened so I may have to repurchase. Still so lovely though!

 My trusty denim pinafore oh how I love you. This is always my go to for everything, especially concerts because of the deep pockets which you can literally fit everything in. And it seems to go with everything and is such a good length on me.

My beautiful h&m coat. I genuinely look forward to putting this on as it fits me so perfectly, the colour is beautiful and it makes me feel fab. It was only £35 and I think it fits and feels so much nicer than the topshop ones which are like £60 plus. I've been recommending this to everyone!
By the end of summer these shoes were a mess as I had been wearing them literally every day. But I really hope primark have them again this summer as they were so ideal and comfy while still looking amaaazing.

 Wonderstruck has been like my natural scent throughout 2013, like I want to bathe in it. It smells so good not like how tacky most celebrity perfumes smell. Its so sweet and fresh without being too strong. Just right!

 I HAVE FOUND A FOUNDATION PALE ENOUGH PRAISE! I need to invest in a big bottle of this because I love everything about it, the coverage, the colour, the long lasting, illuminating effect. Its just so lovely!

 Every blogger and their aunty has this concealer, because its just so dang good!

 I don't know how I lived before this?! I've hit pan on the highlighter as I love the way it lights my face up, and the contour colour is so subtle but has such a big effect on my face I looove it!

 I think topshop lipsticks are massively underrated. The pigmentation and colour pay off is incredible, so is the staying power and they all have such a nice finish. I'm gradually building a little family of them, with innocent (a pinky/nude), infrared (a red/orange) and beguiled (a wine red). I definitely recommend topshop lipsticks as they are so lovely to wear and there is such a wide range of colours.
 Until the start of 2013 I never filled in my eyebrows, and that thought sickens me. I bought a rimmel eyebrow pencil and it changed my life.

 2013 was officially the year I mastered eyeliner. I like how much winged liner changes my face and its now my go-to and pretty much my everyday school look.

Theres been so much good music I cant even start to explain. I'm hopelessly devoted to 8tracks so I heard like 10 good songs a minute and only seem to remember like 2 of them! But some of my favourite albums this year include-
  • Where the heaven are we-swim deep
  • in a perfect world-kodaline
  • English rain-gabrielle aplin
  • days are gone-haim
  • the 1975-the 1975
  • bad blood-bastille
  • long way down-tom odell
  • am-arctic monkeys
  • trouble will find me-the national
  • if you leave-daughter
  • birthdays-Keaton Henson
And so much more!

 I read so many good books in 2013, cant wait to read more!

 Throughout 2013 I wrote down all the good memories and things that happened on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. And now I've stuck them all into this scrapbook and its so nice to be able to read though all my memories.

 HENNNNNAAAAA! I love this stuff, its like a temporary tattoo that you draw on so I constantly have quotes and stuff on my ankle etc. I was covered in this in summer!

My favourite day of the month is company mag day, and I'm so happy I'm continuing my subscription because my favourite people in the world are on the cover this month!

And that's about it! What are your 2013 favourites?!

Have a lovely lovely day

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  1. Oooh I didn't know you could get hena to do at home! I am very tempted for summer now and trying out tattoos!! :D Lovely post as always Gisforgingers xx


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