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By Lucy Harbron - 13:36

In my life I try my best to constantly surround myself with people that always inspire and better than me, and in my opinion no one can do this quite like strong women whether it be your mother, your best friends, whoever! I think, as a woman, surrounding yourself with ladies that are a super positive influence on yourself is one of the best things you can do.

Recently I made a mood board for my room so I could be constantly met with positivity and inspiration (read HERE), but I really just wanted to do a post to big up the ladies and share some of the strong women that inspire me!

If you follow me on instagram you'll know how much I love and am inspired by Stevie Nicks. Spending a significant amount of time watching Fleetwood Mac documentaries, I concluded that Stevie is a super strong woman with a totally beautiful bright soul. So not only is Stevie herself a total inspiration in my life due to her light and talent. But Fleetwood Mac as a band mean a lot to me and just listening to them serves as inspiration and motivation to me.

If you read the first issue of my magazine KILORAN, you might have seen what I wrote about this song Gypsy (read HERE). But in short Fleetwood Mac stands as a reminder to me that the things you love will always be there and no matter what happens with relationships or jobs or whatever, you can always find comfort in the things that are the essence of you. And Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are one of the things I always find comfort in.

Malala Yousafzai has done enough to inspire anyone and she's only 18. So many people would shy away in fear of groups like the Taliban, but Malala did the total opposite and stood up for the thing she was so passionate about- Education. I think it's clear why I cite Malala as one of my biggest inspirations. So much courage, so much passion, so much intelligence in one girl and the way she continues now to work for what she believes in is super amazing, super inspiring!

Taylor Swift is so warm. Like have you ever seen such a kind, sweet celebrity that gives so much back? Being a woman of such a high status and having built the empire that she's built, it inspires me seeing how much she gives back to her fans, her band, her dancers, her friends. Taylor Swift simply inspires me to be nicer, and I think that's so valuable.

 Tavi Gevinson is everything I want to become. Starting her blog at only 12, and being considered a voice of a generation by 15. Tavi, now 19, runs Rookie Mag, a site that 100% was the inspo behind me starting my magazine, and is 100% the inspiration behind where I hope to take my career. But as well as her career, Tavi always remains current. she knows what's going on and always is wise beyond her years on subjects. And I love girls like that, so I love Tavi, I want to be her bestie.

This may seem like a strange one, but after studying the suffragettes in history last year I've been really inspired by them all ever since. Like everything these women did for us, and how they ignored all social expectations and all the limitations that held them down and literally kicked and screamed till they got what they needed. Without the work of these ladies we would all still be so held down in society, and the fact that these women fought (and many died) to better the lives of future generations is something massively inspiring to me.

Recently I wrote a piece about protest at the suffragette film premiere, which you can read HERE

Patti Smith is my greatest inspiration in absolutely everything I do. After reading her book Just Kids, it just struck me that Patti Smith is one of the most beautiful, wise, talented, open women on the planet. And the way she has struggled, then turned her struggles into art and wisdom is so obscenely inspiring in my life. Being so humble and so beautifully intelligent and emotionally smart in spite of all she's been through and all she's achieved serves, for me, as the ultimate inspiration. Basically Patti Smith is everything to me and I don't think I've ever felt more inspired by the work of one person.

Which women inspire you most?

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  1. I studied the suffragettes in history last year too (edexcel? haha!) and I'm so glad I did! I'm so excited to see the film! I'm currently reading Asking For It by Louise O' Neill and it's amazing - she definitely inspires me, writing about rape culture so well & being one of the few YA authors who actually writes about important issues.

    Fab post as always! x


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