Fashion & Film #4 ~ Lolita...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:52

Lolita is one of the most iconic fictional characters ever created, found in one of the most iconic twisted texts of all time.

Admittedly I have yet to read the book (it's on my list) but the film (1997 is my fave version) is definitely a love/hate movie depending on what level of messed up you can handle as it tells the story of an adult man being infatuated with a young girl. Yet in spite of the controversial subject matter, Lolita remains a well-loved fashion/culture icon.

Contrasting her sarcastic, stubborn ways, Lolita's outfits are sickly sweet. All patterned two-pieces, sailor dresses, floral prints, crop tops and red lips. Her girly, childish look is so contrasting to her behaviour that it makes it hard to not love her attitude. Well for me, I loved Lolita's character and her look. She's such a perfectly crafted example of a nymphet.

The classic Lolita look has crept into 'mainstream' fashion over the years as play-suits and co-ords have become a summer staple. But for winter I'll still be taking inspo from Lolita simply by throwing a chunky knit cardigan over the top of a co-ord.

Now it's October that means Halloween is soon approaching. Lolita is such an easy costume as you can throw on a cute playsuit, red lipstick, get some heart shaped glasses off ebay and you're sorted! If you're like me and totally refuse to go scary for Halloween, this is definitely a costume for you! (And possibly a massive clue as to what i'm going as for Halloween)

What's your opinion on Lolita? 

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  1. Lolita is one of favourite books (I mentioned it on my personal statement for English!) so I love this idea! Fab post x

    1. i need to read it!! costume post coming soon xx


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