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By Lucy Harbron - 19:09

Today I put on my finest dungarees and made my way down to my fave local landmark, MIMA, to celebrate the launch of my new fave publication-

Sunday Girl Magazine 

I discovered Sunday Girl magazine a while back when Gabrielle Aplin tweeted a picture of a magazine she was on the front cover of, and after a little look on instagram/twitter I fell in love with the vibe of the magazine pretty much instantly. Finally a publication that was positive, intelligent and not just trying to get me to buy a £100000 dress that looks good on no one but a size 0 model graced with photoshop. It's what I'd been looking for after giving up on many fashion magazines.

The concept of Sunday Girl a fashion magazine for intelligent, creative and ambitious girls. Within the first issue there's a glorious mix of fashion editorials, interviews with inspiring women and pieces on historical badass women like the suffragettes. A piece that really spoke to me was based around the idea of mean girls and the 'sass culture' that's been slowly taken over, with the magazine asking why we can't all just be nice girls, and when did a sassy comeback replace politeness or a compliment. I love that.

Totally in awe of the creativity of the mag I emailed the editor, Abigail Dennison, and interviewed her about creating the magazine (the interview will be published in the next issue of my mag, so keep your eyes peeled). But we soon realise that Abigail and I are local gals, both from the same little town in North east England. So now not only is Sunday Girl my fave new mag, but it's my fave new mag created by a local girl who now serves as a massive inspiration for me- a girl aspiring to one day create and print my own magazine.

And so the launch today was lovely, wandering round MIMA and celebrating such an amazing thing that's come out of so much work and effort. At the launch there was also loads of stands with local businesses showing their good and live music, giving the event such a chilled atmosphere full of pride. Made me feel like a proud little northern gal.

During my interview with Abigail, she said something that really stuck with me when I asked whether the empowering tone of the magazine was something she was really keen to create. She said-

As an over self-conscious girl with huge dreams, all I needed was for someone to say "This is possible if you work hard"

And as cheesy as it is, for me, Sunday Girl now stands as that motivation reminding me that the dreams I'm working towards are possibly. Seeing something so amazing, positive, empowering created by a local girl become something so huge is so inspirational to me and I'm sure many other readers feel the same.

So a massive congrats to Abigail and the Sunday Girl team, and thank you for providing mega inspo!

Sunday Girl Magazine issue 1 is now stocked nationwide, so find where you can pick up your copy HERE (Or you can order a copy online to be sent directly to you).

Find Sunday Girl Magazine-

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