Quick & Easy Lolita Costume...

By Lucy Harbron - 18:12

Playsuit- H&M
Shoes- Primark
Sunglasses- Ebay
"You look 100 percent better when I can't see you..."

If going scary for Halloween isn't really your thing and you're in need of a last minute costume, Lolita is the perfect option as its super simple and super cute!

I got this adorable playsuit in the sale from H&M for only £7 and I'll definitely be wearing it again as its so comfy yet pretty, then paired it with some sandals and a red lip. Really the only thing you might need to buy is some heart-shaped sunglasses but any sunglasses would do. 

For my hair I did a messy milkmaid braid as Lolita's hair in the 1997 film version is normally pretty scruffy and in some sort of braid, so I simply plaited my hair in two pigtails then pinned them on top of my head. If you don't fancy this style, space buns, two plaits or even just having your hair down and a little messy would work fine!

For this look I did my usual make-up routine as I normally go for quite a doe-eyed girly look anyways. But to make it all a bit more dramatic I used my eye-liner to draw little lines on my bottom lash line to mimic twiggy-ish bottom lashes, then darkened my crease with a matte brown eye-shadow.

The only important parts of a Lolita make-up look are- red lips & bronzer. So get out your contour kit and a bold red lipstick and you're good to go!

This isn't part of the Lolita costume at all, but for my nails I took inspo from Alexa Chung and did some evil eye nail art rather than just painting them red. If you want to know how to do this you can read my tutorial HERE

I also recommend you listen to some Lana Del Rey while you get ready. cause her music sure does get you in the Lolita vibe.

And that's about it, really easy last minute costume that really you can just throw together from things in your wardrobe,

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