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By Lucy Harbron - 14:42

2016 in the general opinion was one big thumbs down, however in the realm of fashion and art it's been two thumbs up and 15 heart eye emojis from me. Trends in 2016 have been so so good especially all-embroidered everything, culottes/fancy trousers,continued 70s revival etc etc Big moments and the introduction and revival of pieces and trends that will 100% carry through and become a staple in my wardrobe at least.

The year saw the intro of some key pieces into my wardrobe that have really altered my style and become must-haves for me. And my ridiculously talented friend and mega babe Rachelle Cox worked her magic for me and turned my looks into art.

I wore this outfit to death. Partly because every aspect of it is such a staple- classic striped tee, classic cocoon cardi, classic blue denim dungas. I thought I was v Alexa Chung, but most of all I was just ridiculously comfy 24/7. But also, this outfit reminds me of my lil mildly psychotic exam ritual whereby my brain decided to tell me that because I wore this outfit to an exam that went well, I must wear it to every. single. one. And so I did and I got 10/10 grades so THANKS TOPSHOP. I still wear this so much and these dungarees are definitely a key piece I really couldn't live without. If you don't under some long dungarees, do yourself a favour and get some. In 2017 I want to step it up with a pair of linen dungarees for comfort that borders on heavenly.

Never in my life has an item of clothing made me as happy as these embroidered jeans. I searched for so long to get a pair in a slouchy boyfriend style and found my soulmates in M&S in May. Initially I was a little scared of styling these, but if there's one thing I moved past in 2016, it was the fear of 'losing my figure' or 'looking like a sack of potatoes'. So I still wear these jeans to death; in the day, in the night, with crop tops, jumpers, t-shirts etc etc. Such a beautiful, well-made piece and definitely my best investment of 2016. I really think the embroidered trend is here to stay at least for another season, so delicate but adds so much. Next up I want an embroidered A-line skirt and jacket.

Three of my most iconic pieces from my 2016 wardrobe - Pull & Bear black denim skirt, Leon the Professional T-shirt and my Clarks shoes. These are still all daily pieces for me that all mean a lot. This was the outfit I wore on results day so it reminds me of pride, I bought the skirt in Liverpool so it reminds me of friendship, this t-shirt is literally just my fave thing ever because it's the best film ever, and these shoes saw me through my first job working at Clarks. Possibly my favourite outfit of the year just because of the memories.

Owning this sheer top has revolutionised my sesh wardrobe and I couldn't live without it. It only cost £8 from Missguided, but the cut of it is so perfect, it's just the right amount oversized. Whenever I don't know what to wear for a night out, I throw this on with a cute bralette and some high-waisted jeans of a skirt and I'm sorted. My range of bralette's is so extensive and cute, I've never been happier. I also wear this loads layered under jumpers or under my dungarees as it's just such a easy, simple piece. This year I'm on the look out for the perfect pinky/nude sheer top, or a glittery one cause why wouldn't I want that.

In 2016 I've remained in a constant state of awe and pride towards Rachelle. Her growth as an artist, a writer and a person this year has been mind-boggling even if I only got to watch from afar for part of it. This year she did her first poetry performance, developed her blog, had her art published in a zine, gave inspiration and aesthetic to the body issue of kiloran and has recently thrown herself so deep into her photography it's incredible. I feel so blessed to be able to work with her and call her my friend, and I'm so excited for her 2017. Thanks for the art and the inspo and everything else you've ever done Rachelle.

Find Rachelle-

  • Insta- @rach.e.lle
  • Art Insta - @rachellecoxstudios
  • Poetry blog - https://rachellecox.blogspot.co.uk/

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