Playlist ~ Xoxmas...

By Lucy Harbron - 13:18

It's Christmas eve and Lucy is only on her second christmassy blogpost ahhh behind the blogging calendar as always...

But I'm coming at you with the ultimate Christmas playlists to end all Christmas playlists so hold onto your baubles people.

If like me your Christmas spirit fluctuates between allllll the festivities and 100% grinch, this ones for you. With an even mix of classics, modern remakes and new tunes there's no risk of overdosing on cringe. It's got my fave Christmas bangers like last Christmas, all i want for Christmas is you (duh) and Mary's boy child (the best Christmas song, don't even try to argue against it) to get you fully in the mood. But this season has been a long journey down the rabbit hole as I've found eeeeveryone's novelty Christmas album- Destiny's child, R. Kelly, Ariana Grande etc etc. And the result is perfect harmony of bangers and vibes. You're welcome.

I hope you have the merriest of Christmas' from my family to yours, and lets see if I'll actually get any NYE posts out on time!

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