A Christmas Gift Guide For The Late And The Lazy...

By Lucy Harbron - 13:29

Hi my name's Lucy and I'm AWFUL at buy gifts. Nothing stresses me out more than present planning, especially while I've been away at uni with a million and one things to do and think about, so honestly I'm a late shopper.

And now here we stand, 5 days till Christmas and, if you're the same as me, the panic has set in as you look in your present hiding place and see nothing but a novelty mug. Girl I got your back. I've done some digging and put together a gift guide for the lazy and the late that's all totally reasonable and easy to get last minute, all you need is amazon and a high street.

1. Books

I love receiving books as they're like someone giving you a reason and permission to just sit and chill. Hobby books like recipe books, fashion books, travel books etc are always a great go-to if you can make it specific to the person you're buying for by getting something to do with something they're into OR based on an interest they've mentioned that they want to pursue like a vegan recipe book, or a travel guide for a place they want to go. Coffee table books are just a easy, fool-proof gift that when done right can be super personal and touching. Amazon still has 3 days left for delivery and there's always next day delivery with Amazon prime so ordering a book is super easy, otherwise Urban Outfitters always has the best selection of gift books.

Alternatively, independent, beautifully made magazines are the same kinda thing but less daunting if the person you're buying for doesn't read much, and sometimes they're just cool. Some of my faves are Oh Comely, Frankie, Dazed and Another all of which are easily available at WH Smiths. Throw in a bath bomb, fancy hot chocolate and maybe some pyjamas and boom you've got a pamper kit. 

2. Homeware

Cute little home things are always good. The Urban Outfitters Home section is basically my dreams so whenever I'm trying to conjure up present ideas I always take a browse on there. Little things with these cactus tealights, or something DIY for their bedroom are good as they inspire a new year bedroom re-jig and who doesn't love a little interior design. Getting something like a picture rope and printing some of their fave photos or insta pics is a simple way of making a gift really personal, and photo based gifts are a good way of creating a lovely gift while on a budget. Homeware stuff is probably the easiest to get when you're struggling for time as you can walk into any Urban Outfitters, TK Maxx, M&S and even some H&Ms and there's a huge selection. But stay clear of christmassy themed stuff, it's tacky and people want gifts that will last past the holiday season.

3. Miscellaneous

I like getting gifts that can really only be for that person. Something that's purely theirs to use and play with is perfect as it makes the whole thing way more special and luxurious when you don't have to share. The massage bars from Lush are always amazing as they're so pampering and a treat to your routine in this busy day and age. Lush stuff in general, although cliche, is always appreciated and with so many products and scents it's easy to find something for anyone and everyone. Also, simple fashion pieces like a scarf is good as there's less risk of it not suiting someones taste. A big chunky scarf in neutral colours won't morally offend anyone's aesthetic and is definitely a wintery appropriate gift without screaming "ITS CHRISTMAS" and begging to be disposed off post-jan 1st. Topshop, H&M and Zara are good for well made accessories that won't break the bank and at this time of year they're guaranteed to have a decent stock. 

Otherwise, something more fun and playful (and possibly better for a boy idk) is something like a mobile tense kit (which i really want!) or some sort of gadget accessory. Again, Urban Outfitters gift section guys! Lenses, I-phone projectors etc etc all crowd-pleasers but also the fun kind of useful.

4. Make-Up

If you want to get something that really is just for the receiver, makeup is a great go-to. However, picking shades can be so tricky when everyone's taste varies so massively. Unless you know your friends make-up opinions like the back of your hand, here's my fool-proof picks.

Topshop's Matte Lip Bullet in Fling (gift edition) - Topshop have loads of gift specific beauty products at the moment that come in nicer wrapping, and the lip bullets are currently on sale for £3. This lipstick is the ultimate dark nude, 'my lips but bolder' kind of shade that's not too scary but is still something. For friends that like the routine but are a bit shade-shy, this is a good one. 

Lush Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated - I love the Lush make-up products are they're so simple and versatile. This shade is a classic bronzey nude that suits everyone, it's a one shade kinda job, swipe it on and you're done. The packaging of these in the little bottle's also classes up the gift and makes it feel a lot fancier. 

Sleek Highlighting Palette - I swear by this palette so it's officially Lucy approved. The packaging is beautiful and gives it a much more high-end feel, and the product itself is just breathtaking when you open it. I have the Solstice palette, but sleek also does a more bronzey/gold toned palette called 'Cleo's Kiss' for darker skin tones, so it's easy to match the skin tone of the person you're buying for which is often an obstacle to make-up gifts. 

So that's my last minute gift guide for all us unprepared little souls, sending you luck for when you hit those shops. 

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