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By Lucy Harbron - 14:06

For us pale girls finding makeup can be a real challenge. All the foundations are too orange, contour shades too dark, highlighters too yellow toned, etc etc etc. My skin is basically see-through so trust me, I understand your pain. But I've recently found my perfect pale products for the classic contour, blush and highlight combo, so here's what I've been using as well as some alternatives I've seen on my searches.

Freedom makeup pro contour stick in fair - £5
I've spent ages aaaages trying to find a contour shade that isn't too dark or too warm toned. So many highstreet contour kits don't really accommodate to fair skin or cool toned skin so it can be hard to find a shade without having to pay loads for high end brands. For pale skin, cool, greyer contour shades are much better as they blend to a more natural shadow. I recently found this cream contour stick which blends to the perfect contour shade for me. I also think going for cream contours is better for pale gals as you can always blend it which your foundation to make the colour lighter.

I've also found a really good pale cream contour skin from Collection which is cheaper. However, I went with this one as Freedom makeup doesn't test on animals and I really wanted the highlight shade. Both are available at superdrug!

Benefit Rockateur blush
I've been using this blush for a while now as I got it in my benefit advent calendar at Christmas and I love love love it. It's a gorgeous dusty rose gold colour that adds some warmth to my cheeks without being too harsh or bold. It looks so natural but makes you look healthy and glowy. From what I've read, benefit blushes in general are great for pale skin as they have a whole range of shades for each skin tone. As this blush has a slightly gold, bronzey glow to it, I like to blend it over the top of my contour to make it a little more natural for an everyday look.

Sleek Solstice highlighting palette - £10
I searched for this palette for so so long. I saw so many youtubers using it and I had to have it. And oh my heart eyes all over the place. Not only is the packaging beautiful, all four shades are amaaazing. There's one cream shade and 3 powders but all of them are so pigmented they leave you glowing like the sun. The shades are so light making them perfect for pale skin as they leave you with all the shimmer without any strong colour so you can make the highlight as natural or bold as you want. Honestly, this may be the best £10 I've ever spent, my highlight is poppin.

And that's my routine! Let me know your pale skin essentials!

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  1. Thank you so much for these recommendations! I'm ridiculously pale and I am cool toned too so this is super helpful for me :) x


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