Fashion & Film #8 ~ Leon The Professional...

By Lucy Harbron - 10:59

I finally got round to watching Leon The Professional and oh boy I have a new fave film! The plotline keeps you totally hooked and baby Natalie Portman as Mathilda dances the line between totally badass and vulnerable. I love everything about this film, especially Mathilda's grungey style!

Her signature look is her sun choker and a crop top, normally with patterned shorts and her green bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are everywhere but I think the best bet for recreating this look is to get yourself one from the mens section as Mathilda's is always oversized (HERE). Also, american apparel have crop tops that are pretty much identical to the ones Mathilda wears (HERE).

Mathilda's style is so interesting as she looks bold but her outfits still seem to have a young, childish thrown-together vibe. Its so effortless and the fact that she has absolutely no make-up on and her hair is always messy really helps that.Yet none of her pieces are simple, everything she wears either has a pattern or interesting shape. For example, I love the black lace-up crop top she wears and her slouchy crochet cardigan. There's nothing plain in her wardrobe!

Her outfits link to her character so so well! Though she looks and dresses older than her age, there's still a clear childish innocence there and that's exactly like the characters who has got herself into a dangerous situation but is still a child. 10/10 for the costume department! Everything works so well with the plot but still look so damn cool.

I think Mathilda is my new ultimate fictional style crush and as the weather warms I'll definitely be investing in some more crop tops and stomping round in my heeled chelsea boots.

I can't recommend enough that you watch Leon The Professional, it's such an amazing film! It incorporates action scenes, an intense plot and a heck of a lot of emotion like seriously tear-fest at the end, it's so tragically beautiful. I love love loved it so let me know what you think!

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