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By Lucy Harbron - 14:16

The blogging world can be daunting sometimes due to the sheer number of blogs out there, us little fishes can often feel lost. However, although I do love big blogs like Wish Wish Wish etc, I have a number of blogs in my favourite bar and they're all blogs run by girls with big imaginations and big visions. I personally love blogs that provide more than just pretty pictures, I like a blog with substance and an authentic, real person behind it, a blog that will make me think! So here are 4 of my favourite blogs that I think deserve massive massive love...

I've been a fan of Elizabeth's blog Fashion Is My First Language for quite a while and it's a site I always go back to. Her amazing, unique style makes her outfit posts so interesting and inspiring as I always want to know where she shops to get such pretty pieces! But she's also an amazing writer who has contributed to zines (including Issue 3 of my mag ahhhh!) I love how she articulates her thoughts into beautiful pieces, and her blog serves as massive inspiration for my writing. Describing herself as having an "avid interest in history, current affairs, feminism, literature, vintage clothes" Elizabeth is clearly a girl of my own heart.

Instagram- @fashionismyfirstlanguage
Twitter- @elizabethmurd

Will I ever stop talking about how much I love Simmy? Probably not. Simmy inspires me daily through her positivity on twitter and her writing on her blog. I've worked with Simmy several times as she contributed to my mag and I interviewed her for my strength project, and her passion continuous blows me away and it's really shown by the quality of her blog! I can't recommend enough that you follow her blog, it's a mixture of inspo, written pieces and really honest posts about her life and thoughts, all beautifully crafted. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Find Simmy- simmyhoonjan.co.uk
Instagram- @simmyhoonjan
Twitter- @posi_simmy

Lauren's blog is dreamy. Whenever I'm struggling with writers block or lacking in creativity, I read Lauren's blog as her writing honestly blows me away. I love how honest she is, and how her blog is clearly her creative space to share her thoughts/creations. Simply, Lauren is ridiculously talented. Reading her blog pushes me to write better.

Instagram- @lharcourt
Twitter- @LaurenEharcourt

I discovered Isabella's youtube before finding her blog, and now I can honestly say that she's one of my favourite creators on the whole wide interwebs. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful and creates beautiful content on everything from beauty to travel, but Isabella's honestly and authenticity in her videos and blogs is incredible. I love that she doesn't hide when she's going through a hard time, she's courageous enough to share her struggles and that's a super hard thing to do. She recently did a video on feminism which I love love loved, check it out...

Find Isabella- beautyflutters.com
Instagram- @beautyfluttersxo
Twitter- @beautyflutters

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

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  1. Thank you so much Lucy, I'm honoured you featured me alongside such brilliant bloggers! You're definitely one of my favourite bloggers! I adore your writing style and outfit posts! x

  2. LUCY I ONLY JUST SAW THIS I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much you beautiful human! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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