My De-Stress Ritual...

By Lucy Harbron - 15:54

Mock exams have begun and so here comes the stress! Spending weekends and evening revision can become so sooo dull and draining so I've developed some what of a ritual to break the cycle and take some time to calm down...

I love a good magazine, especially magazines that are more than just "buy this" "wear this" blah blah. At the moment I'm loving Oh Comely magazine as it's the perfect mixture of pretty and really thought provoking articles and interviews. I think flipping through a magazine is the perfect way to relax while still keeping your mind going. WH Smiths now has such a great range of independent magazines like Sunday Girl, Oh Comely, Frankie etc, definitely recommend swapping your usual magazine for something more thought provoking one day!

For Christmas I received this beautiful black leather notepad and I'm in loooove. Whenever I have pretty notepads I always feel so much more motivated to write and create, so I've been writing a lot more recently and trying to push myself to create more and work at different things. Writing is a great way to relax as it lets you transfer your thoughts and feelings into something you'll hopefully be proud of!

Nothing causes more chaos with your skin than stress does, so during exam times I reach for face-masks a lot! My favourite is definitely Mask Of Magnaminty from lush as it's super soothing and cooling as it's so minty. This mask always leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowy, so slapping some of this on is a must for a stressful time. 

This isn't really a stress ritual, but more a weekly ritual. I always paint my nails and ever since Christmas I've struggled to use any polish other that this one- Topshop's Nice n Neutral. It's the prettiest nude/mink pink, such a simple classic colour. I love how easily topshop nail polishes apply, they're so sleek and fast drying that you get a perfect coat everytime. I find painting my nails so so relaxing and I love some fresh nails.

While doing my nails I always put on a box set and obviously I always go for good old Sex and The City. SATC is my fave programme ever ever and I think I must have seen every episode at least 2 or 3 times, I'm absolutely addicted! So I love winding down with my good pal Carrie.

My sister gave me this pineapple and coconut tea for Christmas and I love it! It's so refreshing and relaxing, I can't get enough. It's from a company called Love Leaf Tea which sells loads of different herbal and fruit teas in looaaads of flavours! They're such good value for money so I definitely recommend getting yourself one to try if you're after a nice calming drink.

What's your de-stress ritual?

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