5 Films You Need To See...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:51

 1. Factory Girl

Factory Girl is honestly one of the most beautifully heartbreaking films I've ever seen, I have yet to watch it and not cry. The film follows the career of Edie Sedgwick from her roots, to the height of the fame and friendship with Andy Warhol, to her drug addiction. Everything about this film is perfect, the casting, the costumes, the plot, everything is so perfect that it's hard not to be heartbroken as you see Edie (played by Sienna Miller) in her darkest hours.

I love this film as it shows so many iconic people and places like Warhol and his factory, Bob Dylan and the Hotel Chelsea. It's my dream film and it couldn't have been done any better. I can't believe how under-hyped Factory Girl is, definitely give it a watch!

2. Inside Llewyn Davis

You know a film by the Coen brothers is going to be good, and Inside Llewyn Davis is no exception. It follows one week in the life of a folk singer as he struggles to gain music success. The plot is so up and down, switching seamlessly from comedic to sad scenes, it's hard not to get drawn in.

This film contains two of my favourite things-
  1. folk music
  2. Carey Mulligan
But honestly Inside Llewyn Davis is so visually beautiful and Carey Mulligan is phenomenal as ever. But if you're a folk fan like me, make sure to give the soundtrack a listen as Oscar Isaac is such a talented singer and it contains so many good tunes.

3. Vanilla Sky

The first time I watch Vanilla Sky, it ruined my life for about 2 weeks. Its one of those films that keeps you on your toes, and you really don't even understand the significance of the plot until the MASSIVE plot twist at the end (no spoilers here). The characters are perfectly developed, and it's impossible to not fall in love with Penelope Cruz's character Sofia AKA the most perfect woman ever.

I think this is just one of those films you need to see! It so massively under-rated but to me its one of the greatest films I've ever seen ever.

 4. Control

If you like Joy Division- you need to see this film.
If you don't like Joy Division- still watch this film.

Control is a biographical film about the life of Ian Curtis, so you know it's going to be heartbreaking. The fully black-and-white film follows Ian's marriage, joy division's rise to fame, his affair, his struggles with epilepsy and ends with his death (that's not even a spoiler). But the film is so raw that it completely rips you apart! It has such a strong effect that lingered with me for days after. Well worth a watch,

5. Fight Club

Honestly, if you haven't seen Fight Club what are you doing with your life? It baffles me the amount of people that haven't seen this film when it's so iconic and so so so worthy of the hype surrounding it! Watch Fight Club, that's all I can say.

Let me know your film recommendations!

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