Fashion & Film #5 ~ Empire Records...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:41

Empire Records is one of my go-to happy films, and a perfect movie to reference if you want effortless 90s vibes year round as each look is so versatile season to season. Think simple, lazy shaped, muted colours and off-setting silhouettes.

I think AJ and Corey are the easiest (and best) characters to channel, and they offer a more masculine and a more feminine vibe that you can mix and match to suit you.

Corey's signature look is definitely the cropped jumper/plaid skirt combo, off-setting the school girl vibes with some doc boots and super minimal make-up. I think if I was re-creating this outfit I might trade the pleated skirt for an A-line one, just to avoid the uniform-esque look

But I think Corey, played by the glorious Liv Tyler, is the perfect character to reference when doing makeup. It such a natural look that just darkens the eyes slightly and tints the lips. Perfect for school morning when you're in a rush. 

For me, on college days, AJ's lazy vibe is much more your style. Oversized plaid shirts are a must in my wardrobe, pair it with some mom jeans and an oversized cardigan and boom done, easy and comfy!

On a whole, Empire Records really is the perfect inspo for easy college outfits and makes you feel so much better about rushing out of the house in a baggy shirt. 'Damn the man', add a little 90s to your look!

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