Playlist ~ 'When You Don't Wanna Think About It'...

By Lucy Harbron - 10:31

I'm a full-on spotify addict making playlist pretty much daily for every possible emotion/situation. And so I thought as well as doing my monthly round-up of my fave albums, I want to start sharing my playlists so we can all connect of a musical level and share the feels.

Let me know if you like this idea!

'When you don't wanna think about it'

A playlist for when you need to get stuff done without being bothered by emotions, or simply you want to ignore the feels for a little while and dance around. Full to the brim of girl power, guitar riffs, sass and songs to make you wanna put on some sparkly clothes and not care about stressy boys, or stressy friends, or stressy school work.

Featuring all my fave artists such as- Florence & the Machine, Tame Impala, HAIM, Blondie, Mac Demarco and Kanye West... Power on through ladies!

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