Fashion & Film #3 ~ Marie Antoinette...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:11

As we're studying the French revolution in history, I decided to be a good student and revise via watching the film Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst (heart eyes). But really I learnt nothing of use other than that film is sooo pretty! I could watch it forever oh man that pastel colour scheme!

The fashion in the film is obviously pretty formal so I set myself the challenge to put together a casual Marie Antoinette look and with the help of Zara and Topshop I think I might have succeeded! Frilly pretty blouses are everywhere at the moment making it super easy to get a little Versailles vibes in your life. Zara has some super nice ones with polka dots or little patterns if you wanted something a little jazzier.

I also love this floral print playsuit from Topshop, I think that works so well with the film as its pastel but still bright and a sort of in-your-face girly/innocent like everything Marie Antoinette wears. Like sickly sweet.

To wear this look I'd pair a girly blouse with a pair of cigarette pants to off set the look and add a bit of a masculine edge while still keeping that luxe, formal vibe. Or I'd go for a midi skirt in a pastel tone if your look is already pretty sweet and girly. But for me I think I'd add a masculine twist to make it more wearable.

One thing I did notice was how similar the visuals in Marie Antoinette were to Topshop's Summer Of Love Collection with the bold green fields and soft pastels. I think that really Marie Antoinette is a big fashion icon even though she was a bit of a pants queen of France!

FUN FACT- Marie Antoinette didn't actually say "Let them eat cake". (you learn something new every day!)

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