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By Lucy Harbron - 19:02

I've been wanting to make a pinboard that I can fill with fashion/life inspo for ages and after finding some lil pinboards that were the perfect size I finally got round to it!

I get distracted super easily so I thought if I made a pinboard full of motivation and put it up over my desk then at least my distraction will motivate me to work or create or just keep doing what I'm doing. So I took to my instagram and tumblr to gather all my fave pictures and quotes as well as images of ultimate mega babes and super inspirations- Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks. Basically I just wanted to create a really positive visual for my room, so when I'm feeling down I can immediately see some positive affirmations and influences. And so the board is covered in positivity and empowerment and I love it! (it's also a great place to stick reminders and to-do lists so you always remember them)

It was so super easy to make- all you need is a pinboard or two, some scissors and pins and a decent printer. And voila a manifestation board so help better your state of mind and your bedroom interior!

If you're interested in where any of the pictures have come from you can probably find them on either my instagram or tumblr-

Instagram- @lucyharbron_
Tumblr- lucyharbron.tumblr.com

But if you can't find one you love feel free to drop me a line and I'll find it for you!

PS. Have you noticed my new banner? (shout out to GCSE graphic art for blessing me with adequate photoshop skills), I'm personally loving the change, how about you?

Also just a lil notice to say that we're looking for new contributors for KILORAN! So if you're interested email us at kiloranmag@outlook.com x

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