Simple Coconut Ice Recipe...

By Lucy Harbron - 15:46

After craving coconut ice for about a month I decide to try my hand at making some, and it turns out its super super simple and easy! Here's how you can make your own-

What You'll Need...

  • 250g of sweetened condensed milk
  • 250g of icing sugar (you'll also need extra for dusting your rolling pin and board etc)
  • 200g of dessicated coconut 
  • pink food colouring (this is totally optional, I couldn't find any at Tesco so didn't bother)
What To Do...

1)Mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar in a big bowl.

2)Work in all the coconut. You might wanna use your hands as it becomes super stiff and almost dough-like.

3)If you're using food colouring- Split the mixture in two and add the colouring to one half

4)Dust a board with icing sugar and roll the mixture out. If you used food colouring you're going to want to shape the two colours into rectangles and place one on top of the other to get the traditional coconut ice look. But if  not just roll the mixture out to the shape and thickness you want.

5)You then need to leave the mixture to cool, I just popped mine in the fridge overnight.

6)When set simply cut the coconut ice into pieces and enjoy!

Super tasty and could make a sweet little gift if you packaged some pieces in a nice box!

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