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By Lucy Harbron - 20:01

Duvet Cover- House Of Fraser

Bed Spread- Pretty Twisted (HERE)

Elephant Wind chime- Pretty Twisted (HERE)

Fave album forever

After months of gathering inspo (See my post HERE) and trying to choose paint, I
finally finished re-decorating my room. I'm so so happy with the result, it feels like a breath of fresh air after living in a room that didn't reflect me for so long. I love the mixture of minimalism with the simple grey/white colours and more vibrant, colourful pieces like the mandala bedspread and elephant hanging. My room finally feels like me and no longer feels like I'm living in a 5 year old's bedroom (phew!) Also my new bedding is so ridiculously comfy, I've never been happier.

There's still some things I want to get such as a jewellery hanger to combat the embarrassing mess of necklaces in a knot around my desk-light, some little elephant candle holders and maybe a little bonsai tree just for some added Zen. I'm also thinking of making my pin-board into more of a fashion/culture mood board (aka a shrine to Stevie nicks and Patti smith). Who knows! However, for now I'm in love with my bedroom and very rarely leave it.

If you're looking to redecorate your room or just add some little extras, I'd really recommend checking out Pretty Twisted as they have such a great range of home decoration stuff to match all different rooms and vibes, and all good prices!

Find Pretty Twisted-

Instagram- @weareprettytwisted

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  1. Your room is so pretty, I love how simple yet elegant it looks! I adore Pretty Twisted, I think I discovered them around a year ago and have been obsessed ever since, everything they have is so cute. Lovely post!!

    Nabeela x

    1. aw thank you! Pretty twisted is such a great store! x

  2. Your room is so gorgeous ! Particularly loving the duvet, wind chimes and your shelves ! It's so stylish !

  3. I'M LITERALLY IN THE MIDST OF COMPLETELY RE-DOING MY ROOM. This post is so perfectly timed. Love your room, so simple and pretty and THOSE CACTI.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

    1. twins!!! aw aw thank u nd gotta love some cacti! xx

  4. Your room looks so cool now! I'm in a perpetual state of looking for cool ways to updo my room, and Pretty Twisted looks so freaking cool, and I'm forever indebted to you for introducing me to it :* Those cacti and the elephant wall hanging are just the most perfect things ever :)



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