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By Lucy Harbron - 20:05

Each day when putting on my outfit and deciding on a make-up look, i try to work who "who i want to be" and usually turn to a set cast of people for inspo when it comes to deciding. I've talked about my fashion icons a lot, but here my top 4 people to reference for make-up looks...

Francoise Hardy is an absolute goddess and clearly her make-up look (and generally all round style) is perfection so i often try to channel my inner Francoise when getting ready. Her look is so simple yet classic and perfectly pulled off. 

I attempt to recreate this iconic look by keeping my face make-up super simple and my winged liner very sharp and graphic. I think the key to this look is to keep your face looking very natural so you don't look overdone, effortless is essential! But also playing around with the shape of your eyeliner so it suits your face shape, different styles of liner look best on different people so it just takes practise.

But really, winged eyeliner is always good for any occasion or outfit, its so classic you really cant go wrong.

For days when i don't really have time or just really cant be bothered to battle with getting my liner equal, i always turn to spidery doll lashes. Jane Birkin is iconic in so many ways but for me her make-up is so beautiful, playing up her eyes in such a simple, yet effective and gorgeous way. This look is perfect on days when I'm feeling a little worn out as it makes your eyes look so wide and awake.

Sadly i don't have a decent photo of this look, but i recreate it by using a brown eyeshadow to slightly define my crease and add some depth to the look, and then a LOT of bottom lash mascara. I also like to use a liquid liner to add tiny little lines on my bottom lash line to mimic thicker lashes and give that doll-like effect. Super easy, super cute.

Oh yeah and obviously Twiggy is always good to reference for this look, duh

Lorde manages to pull of a dark, bold lip so nonchalantly. I think a dark lip can sometimes look too harsh on pale skin but Lorde makes it look so so good. I think the key is keeping everything else simple, Lorde's skin always looks so dewy and her eye make-up is always very simple so she doesn't look too overdone and the bold lip stands out. 

This is such an old photo wow, but I'd recreate Lorde's look with my favourite wine lipstick Topshop's Beguiled, pairing it with fresh skin, a slightly shimmer eye-shadow and a bit of black liner to define my eyes. If you don't have much time a bold lip is a super easy way to make your make-up look more impressive and put together so Lorde is always good to reference.

I think I'm in love with Clemence Poesy, she's so ridiculously beautiful sigh. Her skin and bone structure and just general face is so beautiful she doesn't even need make-up but sadly i was not blessed with that natural glow, so i gotta fake it till i (hopefully) make it.

Another super old photo wow (how long was my hair?!) Obviously glowy skin starts with good skin care, but for make-up its all about keeping it looking super natural. So making sure your foundation and concealer match perfectly is so important! I use the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation to make my skin look more illuminated and then the collection concealer to conceal nastiness. I also like to use a slightly bronzy eye-shadow to add some warmth to the look. As this make-up look is so simple its so so quick so this is often my go-to for college days when I'm feel lazy.

Sometimes less is more and its good to let your skin breathe so if you're confident enough, recreate Clemence's look by just abandoning make-up all together!

So they're my top 4 people to reference for make-up inspo, who are your beauty icons?

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  1. These makeup looks are all really pretty :)
    I'd love to be able to do matching winged eyeliner, but I always mess it up! :(


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