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I’m an extremely nostalgic person so the end of a year is always very bittersweet for me. But especially this year, 2014 has been a roller coaster of a year, managing to be both the best and the worst year of my life but definitely the most exciting.

Looking back a lot has happened in 2014. Especially academically- I finally managed to buckle down and work hard, then do my exams and actually do well. One of the highlights of my year was definitely opening my results on results day and feeling pride radiate from me and everyone around me. And now I'm in college working towards my next set of exams. Obviously I'm super proud of myself for those achievements.

But it’s not all about school and work. 2014 was the year I fell in love for the first time (cringe) and for 8 months of the year I was easily the happiest I’ve ever been. And sadly it didn’t work out and in the same year that I experienced love, I also experienced heartbreak. Having your heartbroken and slowly watching something ,that once made you so ridiculously happy, just crumble really isn't easy. Truthfully I felt like I'd lost myself and really struggled to pick myself back up. But looking back I realise that its all a part of growing.

Falling in and out of love in 2014 taught me-

  • Being in love is pretty damn amazing
  • Its possible to be with someone and be happy and its possible to be happy without all the distractions (being in a relationship for almost 8 months and never asking for the wifi password shows ultimate commitment)
  • Always change, always do something new. Falling into a constant unexciting routine, although comforting, is boring.
  • Always remember that you’re more, you’re more than just a girlfriend, or an ex-girlfriend. First and foremost you’re a person and sometimes you need to look after yourself rather that just worrying about protecting whatever label you have. (sometimes you need to go into “self-preservation mode” and be unapologetic about it as my mum told me)
  • No matter what happens you’ll be ok. The people that truly care about you will be there, and you’ll always find your way back to yourself, but a version of yourself that’s now wiser and stronger.
Leaving school, saying goodbye the friends I no longer see everyday, going through a breakup and losing friends- 2014 taught me that things come and go but that’s what keeps life exciting and at the end of the day sometimes you need to lose things to rid of toxic energy and see what good things you actually have going for you
 (This is getting reaaaal sentimental and deep)

2014 was a weird year as some of the things I’d been looking forward to since being a young girl happened. I finally got to live out my childhood dream of going dress shopping and attending my prom (link to prom post HERE) . It was a good night and I just loved the whole process of getting all dressed up super fancy. But some of my best moments in 2014 were just the little events.

My summer was one long chain of good times-

  • Quiet days out during study leave when everyone else was still in school such as when I and my friends went to a theme park that was practically deserted.
  • Spontaneous get togethers with my friend Chloe
  • My trip to Nottingham and harry potter studios
  • Little parties with friends
  • Even playing hide and seek in the woods with friends when the weather was nice

 There was so so so so many good times in 2014 the list would be so long and I hope you feel the same about your year.

Even though the last months of 2014 were some of the worst of my life, 2014 was still a damn good year and I'm full of hope for 2015.

 My goals for the New Year include-

  • Finish at least one project whether it is a novel or a short film.
  • Start working towards my dreams more actively e.g. compiling all my writing and maybe start putting together a poetry collection?
  • Spend more time with people that make me feel positive and less time locking myself away.
  • Obviously do well in exams and make good choices about university
  • Spend less time pretending to be ok and more time actually working towards actually being ok.
  • Be less afraid to walk away from bad situations.
  • Read, write and draw more.
  • Blog more consistently!
  • Keep a diary.
  • Visit more places.
  • Be more active- physically and mentally.
  • Unapologetically take every step possible towards creating and preserving true happiness.
  • Make friends.
In conclusion, 2014 was full of extreme highs and extreme lows but overall I'm happy about it. I'm so excited to see what 2015 brings.

How was your year? I hope it was full with an overriding happiness, but if not I hope that 2015 brings you comfort and a fresh start and I hope it’s your happiest year.

Happy New Year and thank you for seeing this year through with me, I hope you’ll stick around x

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  1. Lovely post Lucy! Your year sounds eventful - I hope 2015 will be even better for you! xxx

    niamh / niamhsdream.blogspot.co.uk

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