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I'm a magazine hoarder, I rarely throw them out! topshop magazines, lush times, river island, company, look, vogue, Elle, any magazine possible I have! And today I got an idea...

I like to be inspired, its my favourite feeling! And all too often I let inspiration go to waste, whether it be an outfit or an idea for a blog post or whatever! And I really love projects.
So today on my day off i was out shopping (duh) and I picked up the new topshop magazine. and BOOM inspiration.

Meet Maison Stella. Stella makes collages and the topshop mag this month is FULL of them. Im in love. And it gave me the best project idea, a way to stop magazine build up, and to keep all my inspiration in one place! Im going to start keeping a inspiration book full of Maison Stella-ish collages and quotes or whatever!

I also really love notepads so this excited me to ridiculous levels!

So this is my project for the next month or so! What's yours?!

Have a lovely lovely day,

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  1. What a cute idea! I'm a magazine hoarder too (I'm talking over one hundred in my room - ekkk! I've even kept all my old mizz and shout magazines!) I'm really inspired by the idea <3


    P.S I'm going to get your button on my blog really soon! Sorry for the delay Lucy I've just been busy!

  2. I am a bit of a magazine hoarder too but I cut out outfits and make a collage with them. Lovely idea :)


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