OOTD-Rambling, Rock and Knee Socks...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:33


Last night was good.

You all know that music is just everything to me, music and fashion and books are my life. Gigs are my life. And last night, in true indie British teenager style, I went to support my friends in a battle of the bands (my life is like less exciting, less deep episode of skins or something like that)

This morning my voice was none existent from the amount of screaming I did! All the bands were so good, like wooooaaahhh. But obvs my fave was my friends the rivets AKA THE WINNERS WOO

You can listen to their full set featuring me and my friends fangirling right here!

In true blogger style I spent all night saying "I love her outfit" My best friend Jess wore topshop's depth lipstick and it looked INSANE! And my girl Chloe, wore some lush necklaces and a cranberry smokey eye ooo 
Me being totally stupid I totally forgot to take OOTD photos last night, so here are some beautiful morning after shots with the addition of knee socks (I'm so arctic monkeys)

Knee socks-Unknown
Coat (its actually burgundy idk)- H&M
What is the best gig you've ever been to?
Have a lovely lovely day,

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