Playlist ~ 'How To Stay Calm'...

By Lucy Harbron - 18:56

This playlist it my go-to, ultimate chill/study/calm-down playlist. It's probably one of my favourite playlists I've ever made as it's super calming but the songs are still happy so you aren't plummeted into an existential crisis while you listen, allowing you a nice sing-along and lots of smiles and productivity!

It contains so many of my fave new artists like Billie Marten, Flo Morrissey, Alice Kristiansen and Greta Isaac. But also some total classics like Pulp, Joni Mitchell and Lou Reed. It's basically a compilation of some of my all time fave old and new artists and songs I've loved for so long.

I listen to this constantly and now you can too! (you're welcome) Also, this playlist gets added to alll the time for you've always got fresh songs to listen to (you're double welcome)

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  1. Love your music taste Lucy!! You reminded me how brilliant Lennon & Maisy's cover of Big Yellow Taxi is (currently on repeat!)

    Niamh /

    1. aww thank you! I have such a girl crush on Lennon! x


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