Berlin Street Style...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:22

Hi I'm Lucy and I'm a Berlin street style addict.

I think Berlin street style is the ultimate inspiration for any winter/autumn wardrobe as it's always so effortless but full of interesting silhouettes and shapes. It also always look cosy as hell which is definitely a plus in the cold months!

Berlin style is built on easy to wear pieces like simple black skinny jeans, high neck jumpers, classic boots and oversized outerwear. Layering is also key (for warmth as well as style) so stock up on basics- baggy t-shirts, big jumpers, shirts etc.

If you're not a big colour fan then this is perfect for you. When you look at Berlin street style you can see greys, blacks, and neutrals in abundance, with only the slightest pops of colour. My favourite looks are the ones that are all black/grey but with a big chunky patterned scarf or a coloured beanie hat. I think balance is what this look is all about- managing to find the balance between tailored and oversized pieces, neutral and bright colours, simple pieces and textured pieces. All about finding the balance that allow the look to remain slightly masculine yet still delicate and cute.

I think the best stores for the Berlin look are ASOS for coats and scarfs, Topshop for jeans and shoes and New Look for jumpers. So have a browse and find some pieces that make you want to hope on a plane over to the continent !

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