Fashion & Film #6 ~ Bonnie And Clyde

By Lucy Harbron - 20:48

The first Fashion & Film post of 2016 is dedicated to one of my favourite tales, Bonnie and Clyde. If you know me, you know I'm an absolute sucker for films about all consuming love and murdering couples, a theme in my all time fave films True Romance and Heather. But Bonnie and Clyde are the original couple and the 1967 film is so so good it deserved a post!

Faye Dunaway, who plays Bonnie, is ridiculously beautiful and her style in the film is so effortless and classically Parisian (even though the film is set in America??). It's elegant and simple, the perfect style to recreate.

To get the Bonnie Parker look you've gotta think berets, camisoles, trench coats and silky materials. I think the best shop for the look is Zara as it oozes that classic, effortless vibe, but topshop always has some gorgeous silky camisole tops.

I think Bonnie's style is so wearable simply because it is so classic. Swap her long black skirts for black skinny jeans or cigarette trousers, throw on a V neck silky top or a tight knitted jumper, maybe a beret and a neck scarf if you really want to go for it, and voila! Her vibe is almost accidentally sexy, it's effortless but so so so flattering! Easily the thing I love most about Bonnie's outfits are the low neck lines showing the perfect amount of décolletage, love love love a collar bone!

Make-up is a vital part of the Bonnie look as Faye Dunaway has that perfect 60s cat eye and nude lip. There's so so many good tutorials for this look but I love Lisa Eldridge's look that she did on Alexa Chung as it really defines the eyes and Alexa really has this look down!

Quite simply Bonnie & Clyde is an amazing film, if you haven't seen it you really really must. and Faye Dunaway's amazing face and style makes the whole thing 100x better!

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