For Bowie...

By Lucy Harbron - 18:24

You are the stars now,
and so you transcend the gateway.

All you were, all you have been, all you made yourself,
merge to one.
Skin and bones to the earth,
but eyes that were always that of the divine-
The divine of Art
The divine of Knowing.
And to the divine they return,
screaming you are the stars now.

What a thing it must be,
to mould the world that moulded you.

And so you transcended,
all that was, all that had been, all that was made before.
Asteroid to the earth,
destroy in order to create.

All the books now re-written in your name,
and the people calling out-

You are the stars now,
We're still looking up at you.


David Bowie undoubtedly touched the earth. Not only did he has a massive influence on music, but he also had a huge effect on the way we now view things like artistic expression, gender and sexuality. His art continues to be astonishing and unlike anything else, through decade after decade there has never been anyone that could contest Bowie's brilliance and I think it's unlikely that anyone ever will, even now after his passing.

Everyone has a favourite Bowie song, and I think the sadness of his passing has touched everyone in some way. Yet his legacy and his art lives on, it could never truly be a goodbye.

Rest in peace Starman, you were a gift.

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