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By Lucy Harbron - 19:12

I've loved Taylor Swift since I was 12. I'm not a big pop music person, but there's always been a special place in my heart for Taylor. After 6 years I finally got the opportunity to see Taylor live on the 1989 world tour in Hyde Park, London for British Summer Time festival. it was incredible.

As the concert was part of British Summer Time, I also got to see Rae Morris, Vance Joy, John Newman and Ellie Goulding. Everyone was amazing, but it was Rae Morris that blew me away. I've been a fan of Rae's for a year or so now, and she was absolutely amazing live, her performance was beautiful! I was also pleasantly surprised by John Newman, I've never been a massive fan of his, but his performance was so full of energy and got everyone dancing.

Standing for 6 hours through support acts isn't fun, especially in a massive crowd in 30 degree heat. But the second Taylor stepped on stage it was all worth it, and I totally forgot about my achy feet as she sang the opening lyrics of Welcome To New York. And from that point on the show was flawless, every note, every song, every outfit, every speech she gave, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! Seeing her play old hits such as Love Story made my 12 year old self so happy as I sang along to lyrics I've known off by heart for years and have spent many hours singing to myself in the mirror (we all do it)

Not only did I get to see the Goddess that is Taylor Swift, while singing along to Style, Taylor announced "Please welcome to the 1989 runway, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner!". Everyone was freaking out but oh it didn't stop there. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Serena Williams and Cara Delevingne (!!!!!!!) graced the 1989 runway that night. I almost fainted when I saw Cara, everyone knows how much I'm obsessed with her. Later on twitter I saw that Emma Watson was also there, making Hyde Park the hub of girl power that night.

After dancing for 8 hours and screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs, I was shattered. But oh I was happy.

1989 was released just when I needed it, just as I was going through a break-up and trying desperately to re-invent myself and find a happy place. And so along came Taylor Swift, gifting me with songs like clean which got me through and continues to mean soooo much to me personally, and New Romantics which never fails to make me feel good. But 1989 isn't like other Taylor Swift albums. Taylor described it as "An album I wrote when I was 25 and single in New York City", an album that was born after she felt the need to cut her hair, re-invent herself. I think that's what I love so much about this album. There are no songs that say "oh I'm sooo lonely" or "oh whhhhy did he hurt me?". Instead, 1989 screams of empowerment, telling stories of love and heart break from the view point of a girl that is strong and unbroken, moving past the pain, learning from it and being okay. And so seeing Taylor perform these songs live, dancing to New romantics and blank space while smiling like a lone, made me so happy. so so so happy.

I feel like I've grown up with Taylor just like so many other fans have. Her songs serve as almost a survival guide of love, friendships, heartbreak, growing up and getting over things. The speeches she gave before songs and the advice she offered to the crowd on subjects like bullying, heartbreak, being positive, avoiding negativity on social media, and loving yourself just confirmed her status as a total goddess and one of my main role models.

Taylor Swift, you really are enchanting.

(live footage of me losing my chill and revealing my inner fan-girl)

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  1. Love this post so so much!! I've been loving Taylor since I was around 9 or 10 years old and I'd love to see her live one day as well. I love what you wrote about how this album is more about empowerment and how through love she's become unbreakable. It's like she's gone full circle with her music and finally, and truly, found herself.

    Anyway I'm glad you had a lot of fun Lucy! Hope you have a great day!!

    -Nabeela xo

    1. ahh thank you! i would 10000% recommend seeing taylor if you ever get the chance, totally worth the money and the hours of waiting!x

  2. Omg you must have been literally right in front of me! Taylor never fails to impress me as always but I have to admit my experience seeing her front row at the Red tour last year was a lot more suited to my tastes than being stuck in a huge festival crowd. Definitely prefer arena concerts but it was still an amazing atmosphere! x


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