My Soundtrack ~ June...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:39

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful ~ Florence & The Machine

Like An Arrow ~ Lucy Rose

My Love Is Cool ~ Wolf Alice

The 'True Romance' Soundtrack

Anything Ever Made By Taylor Swift

Get To Heaven ~ Everything Everything

Before We Forgot How To Dream ~ SOAK

B Sides & Rarities ~ Keaton Henson 

Shallow Bed ~ Dry The River

My "1978" Playlist On Spotify (Listen HERE)

What've you been listening to?

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  1. This is AN AMAZING playlist. I need to get back into this music which I've left behind currently as I've gone on this hip hop discovery adventure where I've pretty much solely been jamming to the pharcyde and kanye. But seriously, I'm gonna go listen to this tomorrow morning for my getting ready time.


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