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By Lucy Harbron - 20:51

‘If Chanel gave women their freedom, it was Saint Laurent who empowered them’ – Pierre Berge

Yves Saint Laurent is 100% my favourite designer and so getting to see some classic YSL pieces was incredible. In my opinion without Saint Laurent we wouldn't dress how we do today. He rebelled against more 'traditional' design as each collection took on a new persona, urging us to focus on style not fashion and exercise freedom of expression with what we wear.

Seeing the clothes in person, the level of detail amazed me. Apparently it was not uncommon for Saint Laurent to ask a seamstress to totally unstitch a dress and start again-everything had to be absolutely perfect. And the level of perfection he strived for is evidence in the clothes with intricate beading and lace.

But for me I think my favourite pieces were the simpler ones. His Masculin-Feminin collection was revolutionary, altering how women dress ever since by merging gender styles. I loved the pinstriped pant suits, the jumpsuits and trench coats. Strong, simple pieces that still remain feminine and beautiful. With women like Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung opting for Pant Suits rather than party dresses its clear that YSL's designs are eternal.

If you get the chance, I'd definitely recommend visiting the Bowes Museum to see the exhibition. It's so interesting hearing the background to the pieces and seeing the thought process and creation process Saint Laurent went through.  And obviously you get to lay eyes on some of the most beautiful clothes you've ever seen and be within breathing distance of dresses that probably (definitely) cost more than your house.

The Exhibition is open until October 25th, Find more info HERE

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