By Lucy Harbron - 18:12

It has always saddened me greatly that we live in a society when hating your body and insulting yourself has become normal and almost expected. so often I see selfies on instagram captioned "I look gross but..." or even people hashtagging #ugly #fat etc. We've become a society where is it considered vain to proclaim love for your body or the way you look, a society where girls react to confidence and self-love with "she's so up herself", "she's not that great" blah blah

That is why seeing #bodyposi all over my twitter timeline makes me so happy.

Girls and guys all across the world of all races, all weights, all body shapes are fearlessly sharing photos to express that they love/or are beginning to love their body and saying"hey you know what i look great and i feel great!" It's such a simple act but having the confidence to share a body photo and openly express your confidence is something that can be exceptionally daunting. However with over 300,000 posts tagged with #bodypositive on instagram and a long list of twitter accounts dedicated to sharing #bodyposi posts and dishing our support and compliments like there's no tomorrow (eg. @staybodyposi and @bodyposikitties) it's clear that the simple act of posting a photo is having a big impact online.

I think what I love most about seeing #bodyposi posts is that there is always a stream of comments from girls across the world saying things like "you're so beautiful!", "you're a work of art!!!", "you are a goddess", "slay" etc. There's so much love and support and heart-eyed emojis being thrown around it makes me so happy. Too often women can be so negative towards others, we can be a horrible bitchy species! But seeing hundreds of thousands of beautiful, empowering women saying kind, confidence-building things about other women is something I want to see every single day. And that's why I love the #bodyposi hashtag so much because not only can you see women complimenting themselves.

My best friend Rachelle has always been massively inspirational to me with her body confidence. I have never once heard her insult another woman's body and she is always ready with an inspirational speech whenever I'm having a moment of negativity towards my body. She shared a #bodyposi image on instagram (@heartshapedteen) with this caption which I think sums it up. 

The hashtag #bodyposi hasn't wiped the internet of self-hatred and body shaming but it's a way to break up the negativity and show people that it's acceptable to love yourself IT'S GREAT TO LOVE YOURSELF! 

I think until you take a moment and think about it, you don't realise just how much we needed a #bodyposi movement. Body shaming has almost second nature to us to the point when we often don't notice it any more. But still insulting  someone's body and shaming them for their shape or size isn't cool, and it's about time we became active about changing it.

(such an anthem)

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