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By Lucy Harbron - 20:19

My daily life is extremely boring, 90% of the time you'll find me either doing history notes for college or watching a movie (or both). We all know that I love love love films, everything about them! I got a lot of my fashion inspo from characters in films. Recently I watch two amazing films that filled me with inspo...

The first film, which I'm totally obsessed with, is God Help The Girl a musical written by Stuart Murdoch- the lead singer/songwriter of Belle and Sebastian. After 5 minutes I knew this film would instantly become one of my all-time favourites and it has! It follows young singer/songwriter Eve as she escapes a psychiatric ward and starts a new life and a band. IT JUST BLOODY FABULOUS! The soundtrack is incredible and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since, I even did a cover of one of the tracks over on my soundcloud which you can listen to HERE

In terms of fashion, the film was full of 60s vintage vibes with bright colours and patterns.

 There's so many cute dresses in this film it kinda made my heart hurt. Simple dresses with added accessories such as ,Emily Browning's character, Eve's beret. The focus is all on light, floaty pieces. It's all just very cute and quirky and happy!

To create this look i would pair a dress in a light colour/pattern, with ankle boots, a couple of bracelets and some sort of hat. I think this is the perfect film to reference for summer fashion or if you're looking for a carefree, light vintagey look.

Seriously EVERYONE needs to watch this film its perfect!

The second film, Ginger and Rosa, is much darker. It tells the story of two inseparable best friends in 1962, on the brink of the cold war as threat of a nuclear holocaust increases. Watching their friendship shatter due to betrayal and a clash of desires. Basically the film was so beautiful but oh so heartbreaking.

The fashion in this film is much more wintery so i'll be looking to it for inspo in the coming months as the focus is on darker colours and cosy pieces.

The fashion in this film is so "me". Dark colours, gritty textures, big coats. I also love the high neck jumpers they wear, especially the cream colours ones! I just adore how simple the look is, but how it still manages to have an effect, managing to be effortless but still draw attention.

To achieve this look I'd pair dark jeans with a textured high neck jumper, chunky boots or doc martens and long heavy coat. No accessories, just keeping it simple.

The makeup looks in this film also struck me. Elle Fanning's character Ginger with her glowing skin and natural face, Alice Englert as Rosa keeping it very sixties with winged liner and a nude lip. I loved both looks so much. Elle Fanning is a goddess, just imagine having skin as perfect as hers!

For hair its all very effortless, casually messy. Think loose, tousled waves.

The two films are so different but both looks are so lovely! One so light and floaty, the other darker and effortless. I'll definitely be working inspo from these films into my wardrobe!

What films do you like to reference when choosing an outfit?

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  1. I would love to watch 'God Help the Girl'! It sounds really good ☺
    Also Elle Fanning is like perfect and I just love her!
    - F -

    1. Its soooo good, you should definitely watch it! Its just been put on netflix or im sure you should watch it online somewhere!

      And saaame shes such a goddess x


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