OOTD- "Everyone Wants To Be Alexa Chung"...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:21

I could write a whole post dedicated purely to my love of Alexa, but I think this quote just sums up my feelings...

Alexa Chung is a goddess and fills me with style envy 24/7, but recently her AC for AG jeans collection just killed me, especially the A-linen denim skirt!

i drooled over these pictures for days before on a simple shopping trip to ASDA with my mum i found one IDENTICAL(seriously!) it was definitely fate.

It fits like an a glove and only cost £3?! WHAT CRAZY! 

I kept my styling pretty simple with a wide neck black jumper tucked into it just to add a baggy element to play on the silhouette. I also wore thicker tights purely for warmth but i think it added to the cosy look of the outfit which i liked. This outfit just feels super preppy, like I could be a good girl in grease or something, which is obviously ALWAYS a good vibe!

When i went out to college i threw my massive black coat over the top and some simple black brogues (sadly not photographed, i apologise)

The thing i really love about this skirt, besides making me feel that little bit closer to being Alexa Chung, is the simplicity of it, opening up such a massive range of styling options! 

I actually wore this skirt again today (these photos were taken a couple weeks ago, don't worry it has been washed aha) pairing it with a plain black crop top and oversized knitted cardigan allowing a little bit of midriff.  I think this gave the skirt a more relaxed, almost boho vibe with the loose cardigan. 

crop top-H&M
When I wear this Cardigan it makes me want to spin around like Stevie Nicks because of how baggy it is... honestly I think that why I love it so much

I've rambled so much in this post (sorry sorry) so to conclude- there's nothing better than finding the piece you've been lusting after, Alexa Chung is a babe, I want to be Stevie Nicks and I adore this skirt!

Have you found any good pieces lately?

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  1. I really love the black crop top

  2. M&S tights are really good value, plus they look good and fit well.


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