A Reinvention...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:08

After chopping my long locks off over a month ago in the new of a fresh start (see that post HERE) I've been loving my shorter do and so with a rush of bravery i said goodbye to my locks once again.

After ridding my hair of all split in i was surprised at how fast it grew! However the longer it grew the more volume it lost so once again i felt the need for a change, but not just a change a reinvention.

My last re-style was inspired by a need to break patterns, for a new start after a breakup. I think this spur of the moment chop was inspired by a longing to recreate myself, introduce me to myself again after being someone else's Lucy for so long. The freedom is refreshing and i wanted my hair to signify that.

So this time i was a lot braver, opting for a totally different look, rather than just a trim. I went armed with this picture of youtuber and mega babe Sunbeamsjess, wanting a short do with bangs to frame my face.

In the name of change i also went to a different salon and i was so impressed! I went to Tate Hair & Beauty which is basically a dream selling beautiful clothes as well as offering hair and beauty treatments. The whole experience was made by how lovely my hairdresser- Jess-was! There was no awkward hairdresser chat, we actually had a real girly conversation (she said i looked like Cara Delevingne and i almost died of happiness) but the most important thing was that she really understood the look i was going for and definitely achieved it!

And here's the final look! A "wob" (wavy bob) as Jess described it just resting on my collar bones with shorter bangs coming to my cheekbones. I love love love it! Its given my hair so much more volume and looks way thicker. Also It makes me feel so much more grown up and sophisticated but still totally rock n roll! It makes me want to move to Paris and start a band or something like that...

And the moral of the story it sometimes you need a little reinvention! Sometimes you need to just take a risk cause nothing feels better than a little change, or a big one!

For all my local gals you can check out Tate's website HERE

Let me know what you think (please be nice!)

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  1. Your hair is lovely, really suits you!

  2. looks so nice, I'm debating getting my fringe cut like that!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk


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