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By Lucy Harbron - 20:41

Guys its coursework season and taking both English lit AND English Lang means I'm spending 85% of my time working. However this does mean that I've been using my spotify account a lot this month so i thought I'd share what I've been listening to!

Classics ~ She & Him

I adore She & Him (Zooey Deschanel's band) but their newest album of covers of "classics" (get it ey) is so beautiful. Its such a chilled out album and really shows off Zooey's amazing vocal range. The album has a really vintage vibe, as all She & Him tracks do, but this album takes it to a whole new level covering a range of different songs each with a very retro feel. Its so calming and has been really helping me concentrate on getting work done!

Listen to- She, This girls in love with you and Stay Awhile

Hozier ~ Hozier

I've been waiting for Hozier's debut album for ages and ages after falling in love with his Take me to church EP. Everyone knows that i have a total weakness for male singer/songwriters but Hozier has such a unique voice and his lyrics have so much meaning and depth to them that i couldn't not become totally addicted! The album has just a variety of sounds from the super mellow like real people do to the slightly heavy tracks such as To be alone. Hozier's hit take me to church has become the anthem of my philosophy class as the line "i was born sick, but i love it, command me to be well" is actually a reference to what we study (fun fact!) 

Listen to- Jackie and Wilson, Foreigner's God and Cherry Wine

Also if you haven't already heard them, definitely check out Hozier's covers from Radio 1's live lounge as he always totally outshines the original artist (in my opinion, sorry Ariana Grande)

God Help The Girl Soundtrack

I love listening to soundtracks and film scores as i find them really calming and easy to listen to while working. But ever since watch God Help The Girl I've been totally obsessed (see a post i wrote about fashion inspo from the film HERE) The soundtrack is so incredible! The film was written by Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian so the music is quite folky and cheerful. You cant be sad while listening to this soundtrack, its just a delight. I would urge you to watch God Help The Girl if you haven't already, its fabulous.

Listen to- Pretty Eve In The Tub, The Psychiatrist Is In and Come Monday Night

Salad Days ~ Mac DeMarco

This album has been my go-to for a heavier/indie rock listen. It has a nice mix of chilled and upbeat songs to keep me going through boring work, Also Mac DeMarco has such a different voice that he goes just feel like another indie artist, he's refreshing. I'm not massively keen on his other albums but Salad Days is just perfect, so if you're more of a alternative kinda listener this ones for you!

Listen to- Salad Days and Let My Baby Stay

Four ~ One Direction

I'm so ashamed of myself (I'm totally not) but i love this album. I've always been firm in my hatred of 1D but after being forced to listen to Four i kinda fell in love. This album is actually good! It actually sounds like real music, not just commercial pop! The lyrics are actually relatable and kinda beautiful in some places! If you've previously discarded the band, I'd say that Four is definitely worth giving them a chance. My love of this album may have led to a love of Harry Styles but that's a different story... 

Listen to- Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket, and Clouds

What have you been listening to?

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  1. I finally watched 'God Help the Girl' yesterday and I loved it. The soundtrack is so nice to listen to, it just puts a big smile on my face ☺
    Good luck with your revising Lucy!

    1. ahh im so glad you liked it! and thank you xx


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