Sexual Abuse Online (A crime that needs addressing)...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:48

There's been a lot happening the past weeks online. Sadly not good things, but nevertheless these things need to be addressed and talked about as much as possible in order for change to be made and for the online community to move forward as a safer place.

In the past week two you tubers have been accused of sexual abuse and rape. This cannot go unnoticed, unpunished or forgiven.

You will probably have heard about Sam Pepper's case. Personally I've never liked his videos. I think many of his other videos such as when he lassoed girls to "pick them up" and many of his videos centred around getting girls to kiss him are quite misogynistic and clearly put the girls involved in uncomfortable, pressuring situations. But the video that raised an issue and brought the worlds attention was a video in which he pinched girls 'butts' as a pranked.

The issue is that its not a prank. It's sexual assault.

Sam made apology videos but instead of apologising he used several different excuses in an attempt to get out of blame.

Yet at the same time many young girls including youtuber thisbedottie were coming forward with extremely serious claim-

Several more girls have come out with their stories surrounding Sam Pepper.
 Then two days later a youtube I watch called Ania released this video, stating that a youtuber called Jason (Veeoneeye) had sex with her when she was 15 and under the influence of alcohol. He was 20 at the time. THIS IS RAPE.
Again suddenly many more girls came forward with more stories about Jason and how he had sexually abused them.
Jason, just like Sam, made an apology video. Firstly the video was unlisted so you cant see it unless you have a direct link (link HERE ) In which he admits to rape, but blames it on being raised in a very strict family so he "didn't know the rules". UGH THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY.
If you follow me on twitter you'll know that this situation as got me very 'worked up'. There are just so many injustices and things that disgust me about this situation youtube has found its self in.
1) I struggle to understand to understand why anyone who is a public figure would see that as a 'free pass' to break the law. And not just break the law, I personally see rape as one of the/if not the worst crime anyone could commit. Being a celebrity doesn't mean you're allowed to manipulate, use and abuse your fans.
2) The fact that there are twitter accounts called "we support you Jason" and the hashtag #staystrongjason disgusts me. People who shrug off what they've done saying "its in the past" or forgive them saying "they've changed" no. You cannot let rape go unpunished and you cannot forgive what they've done. If we let people off with these sorts of things it will continue. All support should go to the victim, never the rapist.
3)Rape is never the victims fault. People on twitter have been blaming Dottie (claiming she provoked Sam and led him on) and Ania (saying she consented (she was 15-she couldn't consent) and saying she was drunk so it was her fault). This is disgusting. The acts of Sam and Jason are in no way the victim's fault. It is so cruel to blame them. Imagine if it was your sister that was a victim, you wouldn't even think for a second that it was 'her fault'.   
4)This is not the first round of accusations made about youtubers. Other famous creators Alex Day and Edplant were also outed as sexual abusers, Yet Edplant has returned to youtube. We cannot let this happen again. We cannot let Sam or Jason return to youtube or any position of status online, otherwise this cycle will continue.
It makes me so angry that little legal action has taken place. If these accusations were made about 'normal people' they would be arrested, Yet neither have. This cannot go unpunished.
We're talking about rape. Rapists being allowed to 'walk free' of their crimes. Its unjust.
I believe that more publicity and attention needs to be brought to the severity of these claim and action needs to be taken if youtube ever wishes to be a safe, respectable platform again. Without talking about this situation no change will ever come.
Rape cannot be swept under the rug. The victims need supporting and cases such as these cannot go unnoticed.

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  1. Really well put.
    It's disgusting that sam pepper is treating the accusations against him as a joke.
    - F -

  2. really great post lucy - I can't stand it either, and honestly I wasn't a fan of sam or jason before but I'm definitely not now. I'm not sure if you're subscribed to the thethirdpew but he makes such good videos and his video on this situation is one of my favourites:

    niamh /



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